Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Triathlon Training - Week #2, plus some!

I did manage to get all of my workouts in, despite a challenging schedule! I had to combine some days and get up way too early for me (4:30 AM), but I got them all in and everything felt good!

I even got to workout with my baby girl on Sunday! My husband and son were off deep-sea fishing for the weekend and my older daughter is out west on a mission trip with  her dance company. So that means all of my babysitters were gone, and I am not comfortable leaving my autistic 11-year-old home alone just yet! So she came along and rode her bike while I ran!

Getting ready to do our thing!

She told me that this wasn't really a workout for her. "It's just riding my bike, which is fun! So that's not a workout!" I thought those were some incredibly wise words, and the way we should all try to look at physical fitness!

She did a really good job, especially considering that her bike is really too small for her! And I can't remember the last time she had to ride for 40 minutes straight. And it was hot and humid, too! But we had a really nice time and I'm glad we did it. I hope she will want to go with me again another day!

My super sprint tri is on Saturday and I'm getting excited and a little nervous. Last week during my workouts, I tried out the outfit I'm going to wear and it worked well. I took the bike over to the shop this morning and had them adjust it and sort of give it a once over for safety. I did my last swim workout this morning and tomorrow I will do a brick, Thursday I will run, and Friday I may swim again (or just do some yoga). I also need to review my packing list as this will be my first tri with cycling shoes and clipless pedals! But my idea is that this is the race to make the mistakes, or to uncover things I never thought of, before my big race in August! It's like a training race! LOL

I also picked up some cycling gloves at the bike store today and an insulated bottle since it's supposed to be quite warm on race day (and surely will be while I'm training this summer). My hands get so sweaty and it makes it hard to hold on to the handlebars safely. Also, I'm sure the sweat can't be good for the tape on my handlebars. I just got the least expensive pair of gloves and then later on I can upgrade if I feel the need to! I will try those out tomorrow on my brick workout.

Hope everyone is having a nice late spring/early summer!


  1. Glad your daughter had the chance to ride with you! Sounds like fun! :0) Best of luck this weekend!! Excited for you!

  2. Looking forward to hearing all about it after your Saturday Tri!!! You amaze me.