Sunday, June 23, 2013

Unexpected Race Report: Trippadoodle's Trot 5K

I wasn't expecting to have a race report to share with you today! My Moms Run This Town chapter selects a monthly race to participate in as a group, and this month's race was the Trippadoodle's Trot 5K. This race benefits a local boy who was seriously injured last fall when the outer bands of Super Storm Sandy came through our area. Unfortunately, the race closed before I got a chance to register. I decided to go on down to the race anyway, to cheer on my MRTT friends - and then I would get my own run in on the way home. I've been wanting to run later in the morning anyway so I can better prepare for my triathlons, where the run portion starts later on when it's warmer.

I arrived at the Gwinnett Braves stadium where the race was being held decked out in my MRTT singlet. I walked up for the group picture and my chapter leader Wendy said, "Did you see they are having walk-up registration?" Well, no, I sure did not - I skipped the entire section because I didn't think it applied to me. I was so glad I had brought some cash with me (in case there was a place for donations set up)! I rushed over and registered for the race. I didn't get a shirt but that's ok!

I hurried back for the group picture. Wendy stopped a photographer for the county paper and asked him to get our picture!

Members from several MRTT chapters - LOVE the backdrop for this picture!
The race took off through the parking lot and out and down a street near the stadium. This was an out and back course which I love because you can see the leaders and you can also see all of your friends and cheer them on!

Since I don't have a Garmin anymore, and there were no mile markers, I really had no idea what I was running. I intended to take everything slowly since my training schedule in this cut-back week only called for a 20 minute run. I monitored my breathing and let that be my guide. It was hot and sunny, and I hadn't worn a hat or a Bondi Band. Ugh. I chalked it up to good triathlon practice!

I assumed the turn-around/water stop was the halfway point. I looked at my watch and it was around 16:30. Yep, that was a nice pace for an easy run. The course was more uphill on the way back, but I was warmed up so I didn't think I would lose much on my pace. Imagine my surprise when I turned the last corner and saw the finish line - and the clock showing 29:xx. I was completely shocked! Sub-30?? Without even trying?

I had a good 1/10 of a mile to the finish so I kicked it into high gear, telling myself that a sprint interval would be good for me - and took off!

Finish line picture... my legs look funky!

I took a picture for proof!
My watch read 29:45 (chip time was 29:43). I didn't let myself get too excited until I could verify from someone with a Garmin that the course wasn't short. I have come in under 30:00 in 2 previous 5Ks - one was hard-fought and when I finished I vowed never to do that again. The other one, the course was short. I found our chapter leader who told me that her Garmin registered 3.15 miles! WOOOHOO!

It wasn't a PR but for all intents and purposes, it should be one. I wasn't even trying, nor was I pushing myself, and I still came in under 30 minutes. It's been over 2 years since I've had a 5K this fast! And I felt horrible afterward! It was a great accomplishment and I felt very pleased. Today in the official results, I found that I was 8 out of 84 in my age group. Now granted, a lot of the participants today were there for the charity aspect of this race, but it is still exciting to be in the top 10% of my age group for once! :)

Tomorrow I'll post the training recap from this past week!

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