Saturday, July 27, 2013

25 MILES!!!

I am so completely psyched by my new cycling record! 25.01 miles - 1:49:29! This is the longest I've ever ridden, both in terms of distance and time! It's SO exciting! And while it was not the best of workouts (lots of highs and lows), I think I am learning a lot about cycling and I'm definitely getting more comfortable in the saddle.

My pretty Garmin looks right at home on Mike! :)

Post-25 miler! Feeling proud!

The biggest thing I need to work on with my cycling right now is my fueling and hydration. I asked my friends on the MRTT Triathlon group what I should be doing for a ride of this distance and it was much, much more than I expected. I know that I never took in as much fuel on long distance runs as was recommended, but I need a place to start and see what works for me. And since cycling continues to be a struggle, perhaps a better fueling strategy will help!

The first 25 minutes of this ride were really bad, just like the last time I rode at this trail. I'm not sure what it is! My legs felt so tired and sore, and I could hardly pedal even in an easy gear. Around 30 minutes into the ride, I felt great! There were off and on periods when I felt awful, but my fastest mile ended up being the 22nd one! It was such a strange feeling at mile 15 to think I wasn't going to be able to make it back, but then spend miles 22-24 going faster than usual. I'm not sure what's up with that!

It's hard to be a newbie in a sport! I'm trying not to get too discouraged with my lack of progress (despite my upgraded gear! LOL). I'm definitely going to keep up my cycling over the winter (even if it's on the trainer - ugh).

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