Tuesday, July 30, 2013


This morning the weatherman greeted me with news that tomorrow is going to be a complete washout - not a good thing when the BIG BRICK is scheduled. Sure, I could do the ride on the trainer in the garage and then go run the neighborhood in the rain, but is that really what I want to do? I've been looking forward to this BIG BRICK for the last 10 weeks! Not only that, but weatherman told me how gorgeous it was outside (low to mid 60s and humidity in the unthinkable-for-Georgia 60%).

It made the decision clear.

Today - I BRICK.

Now, last night my car decided that it didn't particularly like going into reverse or park anymore, so I had to get the bike rack rearranged for the van. And then I also had to attach the 2nd water bottle cage to my bike. I was not even close to being prepared to Brick today. But I managed to get out of the house around 8:30 and took the long drive over to the Greenway.

Truly the weather was incredible. I was actually a bit chilly starting out on the bike in my tri top and tri shorts! Yeah, at the end of July! Amazing!

I felt so ON today - just like last week's Brick at the Greenway. I've decided that I would like to do the triathlon at the Greenway because I do well there! LOL I wonder if it's safe to swim in the Big Creek? I flew on the bike - averaged over 14 mph for the 72 minute ride, with my cadence at 86rpm, right where I want it to be! I practiced drinking more, but it was hard. I took one bottle of Nuun and one bottle of water. Drinking out of the new bottle was weird because it's on the stem of the bike - the part that is straight up and down - and it was tricky for me to pull it out and put it back. Will have to practice.

Got back to the car, switched everything out, finished off the other half of the granola bar I ate on the way over (since I forgot my sport beans) and took off on the run. Just like last week, I didn't have that "dead legs" feeling. I'm not sure if it's the Magic of the Greenway, or if it's because I've done so many Bricks this time, or what. Regardless, I felt good. I purposely took it slow because I haven't really had a day off since last week, and I did my strength training last night. Still, I managed to pull all negative splits during the 35 minute run! I took my handheld bottle with me and drank the whole thing - despite the lack of heat and humidity. I was really thirsty and didn't realize it until I was running. I've really got to figure out how to drink more effectively on the bike.

During the run, I watched my Garmin like a hawk, waiting for it to be over. But then, once it was done, I found myself thinking that I could probably have done more.  Oh yeah, I've been bitten by the Triathlon bug something fierce this summer! LOL

All in all, I feel really good. I'm sore, but not in a bad way. And I'm so grateful for that! I pray that it continues! It would be so nice to go into the triathlon feeling strong and healthy!

I have no picture to share for this post because I'm pretty sure I've used up my quota of selfies recently! But if you could see me, you'd see that I've been wearing a big grin all day - and I haven't been able to stop looking at the Garmin Connect website where I am obsessively looking at the data from today's BIG BRICK!

Next week I have a Still-Big-But-Slightly-Smaller brick to do, and I will probably be doing it near home. We are starting back to school on Monday, so that will once again take priority over my training. And I'm OK with that! I planned this triathlon training to fit within our school schedule and it has worked nicely. I'll be able to work out in the mornings as long as the sunrise will let me - and I can always bring the bike onto the trainer for the days when the sun doesn't come up in time for me to get to the park and back!

Just 2.5 weeks until PTC!!

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