Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bricks and Fog

As seems to be the norm this spring/summer, the weather messed with my training plans AGAIN! I had wanted to do my brick workout today on the Greenway, but we got MORE rain. I was afraid the easily-flooded out Greenway would be closed in portions, and it's a long way to get there. I didn't want to do Stone Mountain today either because my legs were still really sore from Zumba last night. My only options were the park near my house, or the trainer. Needless to say, the park won out!

This morning I woke to find a thick layer of fog everywhere. I waited and waited and finally decided to go ahead and deal with it. There were plenty of people at the park so it wasn't as creepy as I was afraid it would be, but my goodness it was humid!

This was my bike when I got to the park! And no, it didn't rain during the 3 mile drive to the park - that's how humid it was!

I was getting everything ready for my workout when I realized that I had forgotten my running shoes. I loaded the bike back onto the rack, and drove home. Thankfully, I had chosen the close option. Hopefully this will serve as a lesson to always double-check for running shoes. So I came back and tried it again!

The ride was good, and the clouds and fog persisted until right before I started the run. Then, of course, the sun came out bright and clear (and hot!).


and after!
The other direction - before...

... and after!
I wish I could figure out how to get those next to each other so you could compare more easily! Anyway, I think you can get a feel for how thick the fog was.

The workout went well overall. Today I had to ride 70 minutes, and the run for 10 minutes. In my previous training plans the longest I ever rode before a brick was 45 minutes. So this was quite a bit of a longer ride, which is really good for me since my ride in the tri will be longer than 45 minutes! I feel like these longer bricks will go a long way to better preparing me for race day!

I am trying to implement some of the techniques that I learned in Every Woman's Guide to Cycling! The two things I'm working on the most are keeping my body relaxed when I'm going up hills. I'm practicing on the small hills at the park, so that when I go to Stone Mountain again it will be natural. I'm also working on my cornering, which slows me down a lot, using techniques from the book. I've gotten really good about braking lightly before the turn, and then pedaling through the turn.

The run was completely freaky coming off such a long bike ride. My left shin/ankle was acting like it didn't want to have any weight on it at all. And my right heel bothered me for a few minutes. But both of those things went away in a matter of minutes. It was hard to adjust to the sun beating down on me after it being so cloudy. And I was dripping sweat from the humidity and it being already near 80 degrees.

Run Keeper says that I averaged 14.03 MPH. I'm going to take that with a grain of salt. But perhaps the improved cornering helped to keep my speed from dipping so much at all of the corners? My run pace was 9:43 which sounds right on.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that the weather won't derail my weekend workout plans! :)

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  1. You are doing so great with your training! Hope the weather cooperates for you this weekend!