Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gear Report: Nuun hydration tablets and Feetures Elite socks

For Sunday's run, since it was cut back week and therefore a shorter long run, I decided to try out a couple of new things that I bought at our new locally owned running store, Classic City Running.

This first thing I tried were Nuun hydration tablets. You just drop the tablet into your water bottle and it fizzes around and does its thing and you have a low-calorie, no sugar, hydration drink. I have been looking for something to replace Gatorade for a number of years but can't find anything that fits me for taste. I actually tried Nuun lemon-lime a couple of years ago but didn't like it. However, after trying Nuun grape this time around (as well as Nuun All-Day Blueberry Pomegranate) and actually liking it, I think the problem before was that my taste buds were so desensitized from years of drinking soda and eating candy, that anything without a rush of sugar didn't taste good.

I used to the Nuun grape during my run in my hand-held bottle and it was very refreshing! I had no tummy issues from it, so I'm looking forward to trying it on my brick tomorrow and on my long run on Sunday. I don't think it has any carbs, though, for energy so I'm going to have to figure out how to do that without the sport bean/water combination that I usually use. I would like to try Huma gels, even though I am afraid the texture will gross me out. Or I may also try Honey Stinger Chews, which I have tasted before and liked. I am really trying to use more natural products while I swim/bike/run.

The only thing that bothered me was that the "grape" flavored Nuun is a pale green in color. Maybe for green grapes? Anyway, it was really disturbing at first - though I managed to get over it! 

I also ran in my new Feetures socks. I like the Swiftwick socks that I've been running in for the last year, but I saw this color and went nuts! I've never had any color sock except white, and these are a brilliant blue - literally, that's the name! LOL

They are so ME, aren't they?!?
They have a little bit of compression, like the Swiftwick, and they felt great on my feet. I didn't have any blister problems for this shorter run so I will try to take them for a longer run this weekend! I never would have thought I would like a sock that isn't thick. Go figure!

Disclaimer: I bought all of this stuff with my hard-earned money. I was not compensated for this review in any way and all of my opinions are my own! ;)

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