Wednesday, July 24, 2013


This morning I had another "big brick" on the training plan. But not the "BIG brick" - that comes next Wednesday! Instead of sticking close to home, since we're out of school for another 10 days or so, I decided to go somewhere else and do my brick. Once school starts, I won't have the freedom to do this, so it is now or never!

It almost became never really quick!

From the moment I woke up this morning, it felt like the world was conspiring against my getting this workout in.

First off, I decided to fuel up before I left the house this morning so I wouldn't have the potty problems that I did on my last really long ride. When I bought the Nuun and the new socks, I also bought a "Bonk Breaker" bar. Ugh. I took one bite and decided there was no way. It's Gluten and Dairy free, so for some folks who need this kind of diet, it might be right up your alley. I let my teen daughter (who usually likes all this stuff) try it later and she had the same reaction. So instead I drank my water and ate half of a Nature Valley Chocolate Pretzel Nut bar.

Then I went out to load my bike on the rack and use my new strap that I bought so my front wheel will stop moving back and forth hitting the car. I purchased a Rok Strap from amazon - and when I took it out of the package I learned that it is not like a regular strap. It is two complete pieces with a loop on each end. Each of the pieces has a part of the clip. I stood there dumbfounded for a few minutes. And then I started playing with it - trying desperately to get it to work. After 10-15 minutes, I finally got it to do something, but not really what I wanted it to do. I was annoyed.

Got into the car much later than I had planned, and about 15 minutes down the road, I realized I'd left my SPIbelt at home. I usually put my phone in it. I felt the back of my top (my very first Skirt Sports Multi Sport top) and saw there was a pocket back there. Kept my fingers crossed that it would fit my phone because my 2XU shorts do not have any pockets.

I got about halfway to my destination when I ran smack-dab into rush hour traffic. I guess my time fiddling with the strap messed up my grand plan. So I started inching along, wondering how anyone does that day in and day out without going insane. By this time, I realize I need to pee. Not a surprise as I've been in the car almost an hour.

I got to my destination, and walked up to the bathrooms - closed during the week. Really? I stared at the door for a few minutes and tried to decide if I wanted to go back out and find a gas station. Could I hold out for the 70 minutes+ that I had to work out? I was going to find out.

I got my water bottle (filled with Nuun - which tasted surprisingly MUCH better than Gatorade on the bike! Sometimes I end up thirstier drinking Gatorade nonstop on the bike) out and put it on my bike and that's when I realized that I did not bring my post-workout snack with me. Lovely.

Once I got on the bike, though, everything fell into place! The trail was practically empty and that allowed me to maintain a really good cadence/pace! I didn't run anyone over and I only got "lost" one time - which actually took me to where there is a bathroom that appeared to be open. I didn't use it because by that time, I didn't have to go anymore. But it's nice to know where one is for the next time!

When I got back towards the car, there was a group of summer camp kids blocking the path, so I turned a different direction and headed up a hill. I shifted into a lower gear (an easier one- can't remember if that's low or high) and tried to spin up the hill. Slowly. Ugh, I still suck at hills. But I really can't complain because I haven't done the hill training I had planned to do this season. Maybe after the race I will get back out to Stone Mountain!

I put my bike on my rack and put the lock around everything. Switched into my running shoes, said a quick prayer that the bike would still be there when I returned, and took off. I felt amazing!! No rubber legs or shin pains, not even a peep out of my right heel. During the bike I had really focused on spinning easily and not mashing the pedals. It seems like it helped!

Today was only a 10 minute run, so I was back quickly - and Mike was still there attached to my car! YAY!

I felt phenomenal by the end of this workout! Strong and not the least bit tired - really could have run longer, which is good! I did a little over 14 miles, which is the distance of the bike segment during the PTC triathlon - of course, it won't be on a flat course! LOL But I can only do what I can do... mother nature messed up my hill training plans.

I stopped off at a gas station on the way home to potty finally and change out of my wet clothes. Not a good idea to drive for an hour in wet stuff. I picked up some "refueling products" for the ride home:

This brick brought to you by TruMoo and a banana - the stuff triathlon champions are made of!

And while I was in the restroom, I came up with an idea for the strap on the bike. I'm not sure if this is how it's supposed to be used, but it seemed to work better than the other way I had it on the way to the trail.

Rok Strap holding Mike in place!
Basically I hooked the two loop parts together in what is probably some sort of boy scout knot-tying thing. Then I used it like a regular strap. Whatever. It seemed to work! LOL

I wish I could bottle up that feeling I had right when the workout was over. I felt so strong and energized and truly grateful that the workout had gone that smoothly! I know that can't all go that way, and I've experienced enough really bad ones to take the time to savor that great feeling when it all falls into place! It would be nice to be able to call on that feeling, though, when things aren't going so well. But I supposed that's why God gives us the really great workouts - and the really bad ones - so we can learn to appreciate them! The good ones for the feeling of success and pride, and the bad ones so we can learn perseverance!

One more quick thing - if you like my Running Through the Castle page on Facebook (and if you haven't, why not?? Click here to remedy your mistake!) you saw that I linked to a free app from the RoadID folks that allows you to send tracking information (called an eCrumb - how cute!!) to your loved ones while you are working out. It will also alert them if you have not moved in 5 minutes. I used the app for the first time on Sunday, but today was the first day that my family was going to test it out and track me live. I sent the eCrumbs to my husband and my mom. They both LOVED it! My husband especially loves being able to see that I'm safe during my workouts! This app does not replace your RoadID that you wear on your wrist or ankle, but it adds another way to keep you safe. Remember how I was so freaked out on that really long bike ride about my husband not knowing where I am if something were to happen? Well, no more need to fear! With this app, he can tell exactly where I am! What a relief for both of us!

I guess if I learned nothing else on this workout today, it's that sometimes the hardest part of working out really is just getting out the door!!

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