Sunday, July 28, 2013

Race Report: Happy Birthday, Harry Potter Virtual 10K

The Happy Birthday, Harry Potter Virtual 5K/10K is the 2nd race in the Nerd Herd Race Series. I was planning to do the 5K again, and to do it on Wednesday (which is Harry's actual birthday!). But it would have to be part of my BIG BRICK, and I wanted it to be something special on its own. And today, I had 55 minutes on my schedule, so I figured by the time I added the warm-up and cool down, I'd be pretty close to 10K. And my Aunt lost one of her best friends to cancer this week so it seemed appropriate to push myself a little bit in her honor.

It was somewhat cooler and less humid this morning (meaning that it was 68 degrees with 93% humidity! LOL). I wore my iFitness belt with water in the bottles because I was trying out the Huma Chia gel. I'll do a more in-depth report in a separate post about that.

After yesterday's long bike ride, my legs were quite tired this morning. My warm-up and first mile definitely showed that. But once I got going, everything felt much better and my pace picked up nicely. I felt a twinge here and there but nothing bad and nothing that stuck around to annoy me.

Shortly into the run, I decided if was going to run 55 minutes nonstop, I may as well go ahead and do  a full hour! I have that on the schedule for next week anyway! This would mark the first time since my ITB injury in 2011 that I would run for an hour without stopping! Not that I have anything against run/walk intervals because they definitely enabled me to do many, many races since my injury that I never would have been able to do. And I absolutely think I'll be returning to intervals at some point in the future. But running for an hour without stopping again has been a milestone that I've been looking forward to attempting. I remember how excited I was to do that back in 2009. Would I be able to do it again?

And I did it! And my pacing was really, really good, I think!

This includes my 5:00 warm-up. So in the hour that I ran nonstop, I ran 5.92 miles! Sweet!

Post-run! Feeling strong!
Here is my actual race bib. I chose Ravenclaw as my House! :)

My printer wouldn't work, but here I am with my bib. I look a little scary! LOL
Now I think I will go watch a couple of the Harry Potter movies in honor of the Birthday Boy!

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