Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The big 1-0!?

Despite the fact that I'm only halfway through the training for my triathlon next month, I'm already looking ahead to my next goal. Long-term I want to do an Olympic distance triathlon next summer, so I would like to build my running endurance back up to 9-10 miles. Since 10 miles is my long run for a half-marathon, and since I'd like to be able to do a half again without taking walk breaks, I am looking at doing a half this winter (or late fall).

There are a plethora of half marathon options in the southeast in the cooler months! This should be a piece of cake, right?


According to my calculations, my next half marathon will be Number 10!!!

That requires more thought, don't you think?

Does a milestone race require a NEW race or do you go back to the first one and run it again? In this case, the Princess Half Marathon. My friend Jan, who started this whole running thing, is doing the 10K with her daughter so I could ride and stay with them, which would cut my costs. I could also skip going to the parks and I could bring my food with me, so that would also save money.

Or should I pick something new like Gasparilla (Pirate themed) which is that same weekend? It would be more expensive because I would have to fly down there and get a hotel/rental car myself.

Or should I just pick my favorite of the local races that are so in abundance in my area? (Cheapest option!!!)

How do I make this decision? And the Princess is 87% full, and the price goes up in August if it's not already sold out. So I kind of need to decide.

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