Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Tri Bucket

A few weeks ago on my Moms Run This Town triathlon subgroup, someone posted a picture of their Tri Bucket. I was, needless to say, confused. What does one need a bucket for in triathlon?

Apparently, you carry all of your stuff in your bucket (instead of a backpack) and then you lay out your transition area, turn the bucket over, and voila! You can sit on the bucket while you put on/take off your shoes! Isn't that amazing? So simple, and yet, who would have thought??

Immediately, I turned to my dear husband and said, "I need a 5 gallon bucket for the triathlon next month." He must be getting used to strange requests because he didn't even blink an eye before he told me that we have a couple of buckets in the garage that were used for baseballs. Then I remembered the one from our favorite beach, St. George Island, FL.

"Can I use the SGI bucket?"

"Um... well... sure, I guess." Someone loves their bucket! I promise to take good care of it! So I cleaned it up and bought a seat/lid for it and here it is! My Tri Bucket!

I'm trying to decide if it needs triathlon stickers on it, which I have from Cindy. Somewhere. In the House. Somewhere. LOL
Now I have to put my stuff in it and see how it works. I still have my very nice, but very bulky backpack which I'm not ready to part with just yet. Not until I've tried the bucket out to see how it works for me. I am concerned that it might be heavy to carry to the transition site while I'm rolling my bike. If it's a tri where you do bike drop the night before then obviously that won't be as much of a concern. I suppose I could always carry the empty bucket, and the backpack, and then put the backpack inside the bucket during the race.

I feel so strangely cool now.


  1. I love the "Survivors" label on it.

    1. LOL I didn't even make the connection. Pretty appropriate, huh? :D