Monday, July 8, 2013

Triathlon Training: Week #6

HALFWAY DONE!! YAY!! I am so glad to have reached the halfway point of training!

We have been having a lot of wet weather in Georgia the last week or two, but I managed to get my workouts in. I had to ride on the trainer for Wednesday's bike ride which was disappointing since it was my last "non-brick" middle of the week ride and I really wanted to ride at Stone Mountain. But I'm glad that I have a trainer now so I am able to get the ride in when I need to.

I stopped by the gym on the way home Wednesday night to see what their hours would be for the 4th in case it poured non-stop like they indicated it would, but I didn't end up needing to use the treadmill. I was able to get a nice run in at the park.

For my long ride on Saturday, I had hoped to go to the Silver Comet Trail, but again the weather called for lots of rain. When I woke up that morning, there were only hit or miss showers, and the idea of doing 80 minutes on the trainer did not appeal to me, so I decided to go hit the park near my house. I got sprinkled on a couple of times, but it didn't pour until the very end. 80 minutes and that worked out to about 18 miles. I'm getting close to my longest time on the bike (90 minutes) and longest distance (which I will have to verify but I think it's around 21 miles).

Mike had never been in the rain before, so I dried him off well when I got home, but I though the chain might require a little lubing. I'd never done that before, even though I bought some lube 2 years ago! LOL I watched a couple of youtube videos to see how to do it - and then I tried it out on Frank first. I'm still a bit nervous since the video said that "too much lube is worse than too little"! Hopefully I didn't do anything that would ruin my bike.

Yesterday morning I was able to get my long run in at the park. It was humid and nasty, so I wore my iFitness belt again. I ordered replacement bottles and another bottle holder (though the one I got was bigger than the original one. Still, the bottles fit in pretty well - better than the Fuel Bottle ones did). No bouncing and I only dropped a bottle once!

Run Keeper was having some satellite issues - probably due to the heavy cloud cover. I started out with my 5 minute walking warm up, then started to run. Shortly after, RK announced my first mile split and that I was running a current pace of 6:19. That was comical! I stopped, assuming that I had forgotten to switch it out of cycling mode, and reset the workout. I continued to have intermittent issues, especially when I was on the part of the trail that winds through the woods. When I looked at the map, it showed me doing strange loops and some odd out-an-backs, so I am assuming that was when the app was having GPS issues and was adding mileage to my run. I had a 9:30 mile, and an 8:45 which actually sound reasonable - but there was another 6:30 and an 8:04 which just do not make sense. So I'm not exactly sure how far I ran during my 45 minute run (with an additional 10 minutes of walking), but that's OK. I will survive (hopefully LOL).

I am definitely tired from this week's workouts. The bottom of my right heel is sore, too. I remembered this morning that my shoes are 7 months old and were used for both half marathons earlier this year. So even though I haven't been running lots of miles recently, they are probably at that 300 mile limit that I seem to be able to get out of a pair of running shoes. I went ahead and ordered a new pair (just one this time since that's all I can afford), and hopefully that will help the soreness.

Just one more week in this training cycle and then next week I get a glorious cutback week! I am actually very much looking forward to it! LOL

Week 7 here I come - let's get through this without any additional aches and pains! :)

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  1. That is SO exciting! I'm totally living vicariously through anyone who is training for a triathlon...I'm dying to do one! My swimming skills really aren't up to par, so I need to find the courage to register for one and GET IT DONE! Congrats on making it through the first half of your training, sounds like you're doing an amazing job! :-D