Sunday, July 14, 2013

Triathlon Training: Week #7

Well, I am SO glad that this segment of training is complete! It was hard, but I did it... and my body is ready for the rest of a cut back week! I don't even have Zumba this week so it will definitely be restful!

Yesterday's bike ride went pretty well, overall. I finally made it to the Silver Comet Trail, a place I have wanted to ride for over a year! The weather held out and I battled construction traffic on my route, and I got there I did it! It was a great trail, busy at the trailheads but fairly empty in places. I was not expecting to have to cross actual roads, but it gave me practice in clipping out. I was also not expecting to be riding over high bridges - I don't know how high exactly because I would not let myself look down for fear I'd fall over. I was very intimidated by the large groups of cyclists that would fly by me, not even moving over an inch so I felt I had to hug the side. Cyclists don't seem to be very friendly people.

Mentally, this was a tough ride and that surprised me. My legs were already dreadfully tired. 15 minutes in to a 90 minute ride, I was thinking that I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do it. My plan was to ride out 45 minutes, then turn around (ha ha!) and then come back. Just about 45 minutes in, I came to a detour. I followed it into a parking lot, and then there were no further directions, so I turned around (without falling) and headed back. I was thinking it would be such an easy place to ride since it's flat, but my legs were not used to moving nonstop for all that time. I get a little break on the downhills in the parks, I guess. I had to stop at once of the roads, and it actually felt really good!

My brain also started playing games about me being "in the middle of nowhere" and what if someone happened, and I was very far from home. How would I tell my husband where I am and how to find me. When I came home and looked at the map, I realized that I was not in the middle of nowhere. In fact, in many places I was only a few blocks from stores and hotels and stuff. That made me feel better and I'm sure I won't have such worries next time. I mean, I was freaking out about getting a flat, and I swore I heard some weird noise in the front of my bike like it was going to fall apart. I had to work really hard not to get scared and discouraged.

When I got back to my car and got off my bike, I was surprised that I didn't feel awful. Yes, my legs were even more tired, but nothing hurt or felt terribly uncomfortable. That was awesome! I thought I had accomplished a personal longest ride, but the Run Keeper was off. In the end, according to the maps, I was about the same mileage as my last 90 minute ride in 2011. In 2 weeks, I have a 100 minute ride, so I will definitely be setting a personal record that day!

Today's long run was a personal record, though! I had to do a 50 minute run, and that was the first time since 2011 than I ran that far without taking walk breaks! I decided to work today on slowing down my pacing, which has been a lot faster than usual, even with the heat and humidity of summer. Just because I apparently CAN do it, doesn't mean I SHOULD be doing it, especially as the distances/times are increasing. I am doing more cycling than I ever have, and I need to make sure my legs are OK. I am definitely feeling like my muscles are tighter and that can easily lead to injury.

According to Run Keeper, which did a much better job of measuring the distances today, I was running around 10:40 miles, which is reasonable for a long run in the humidity. Everything felt pretty good, though I am still feeling some soreness on the bottom of my right heel, and now and then on my left shin - in other words, my usual spots. This is the perfect time for a cut back week. I can focus on hydration this week and doing lots of lots of stretching. Nothing feels injured, but rather just some soreness occasionally, and mostly after exercise, which is telling me it's a tightness thing.

Now, I think I'm off to take a nap! It's been a very busy week for our family, not just in triathlon training! And rest is every bit as important as a workout is!

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