Sunday, July 21, 2013

Triathlon Training: Week 8

This cut-back week was perfectly timed! I needed a little bit of rest and the shorter workouts to give me time to recover. I'm feeling tired, but I usually feel that way during a cut back week. It's almost like my body can tell that it's time to rest and instead of being "on point" for the stress of working out, I just kind of let go.

Now I'm looking ahead to the peak of training. The triathlon is 4 weeks away (27 days to be precise). I'm growing more nervous. I'm not even so nervous about the actual triathlon (though I am a bit nervous about the bike course being hilly and I haven't been able to do the hill training that I wanted to do). I am most nervous about getting injured again. So far, the only thing that feels like it is giving me any trouble is the bottom of my right heel. It doesn't hurt to run on or when I bike, but I just feel that it's there. I'm aware of it. I bought new shoes. I have been doing extra stretching in case the cause is related to tight calves/achilles. And, of course, I'm keeping up with my strength training program. So I've done everything in my power to avoid injury - the rest is out of my control!

I'm going to do my very best not to let fear dominate me in this training. I want to enjoy myself and make some wonderful memories! I can't do that if I'm scared. It will suck the life out of me and the joy out of my days!

I think it's a blessing that I'm aware of this fear. Now I can focus on hope and joy instead of fear. I am going to pray that God will take away the fear and replace it with contentment in any circumstance! I am going to trust God that He will carry me through this training and triathlon! 

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