Friday, July 26, 2013

Weekend fueling!

I have my longest bike ride EVER tomorrow, as well as my longest nonstop run in over 2 years on Sunday! I am EXCITED! But there are some fueling questions I have, especially for the bike. I don't think I'm fueling right, since all I do is drink Gatorade. And honestly, I usually end up with this icky taste in my mouth by the end. I tried the nuun as an alternative to Gatorade and I really love it, so now I'm replacing it with this and tomorrow I'll see how it goes.

I am trying two new things this weekend: 

Cherry Limeade Nuun - tried it today and it's SO GOOD! Also trying my first ever gel - Huma! Gonna try that on the run in case it doesn't work well! LOL

I realize I probably should have tried all of this new fueling sooner than 3 weeks out from the triathlon! LOL Oh well! I know I can fall back on Gatorade if I need to - but after using the Nuun this week, I tried the Gatorade again and the taste was overwhelming.

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