Sunday, August 4, 2013

Let the taper begin!

 Week 10 PEAK training is DONE! 

Today was my last 'long run'! Since I did a 60 minute run last week, this week I decided to try 6.5 miles (Yeah, I was a little naughty on both of my long workouts this weekend... yesterday was supposed to be 2 hours and I went over by 6 minutes, and today was supposed to be 60 minutes but I went over by 5 minutes).

I didn't have anything to eat before the run, but I did drink some Nuun. I wore my iFitness belt with one bottle of Nuun and one bottle of water, and then I took some sport beans to eat 30 minutes in. For some reason, the run felt really difficult for the first several miles. I kept trying to take it easy but it didn't seem to be working. In the 4th mile, I got that tingly feeling that tells me that I'm getting overheated, so I made myself really slow down. After that, I felt better.

But here's the thing - when I got home and looked at my Garmin stats, I wasn't any slower in those last 2.5 miles. Isn't that weird? It felt easier, it felt better, and I didn't have anymore tingly feeling. What was the difference? Was it that the beans/Nuun finally kicked in? Or was simply perception - I told myself I was taking it easier therefore it felt easier? Was it hard because it was the first few miles of running and yesterday I rode 30 miles? I really have NO idea.

In the end, though, the workout is done and I felt good overall - a little icky afterward, but no aches and pains. The next 2 weeks are taper - though this week is only a slight taper. I still have a pretty-big-brick on Wednesday and a 90 minute ride (that will both have to be done at my local park because we start back to school this week! LOL). But there is no strength training, and no more building up miles and/or time. I'm expecting to either feel great this coming week, or to welcome the aches and pains that have been lying dormant. I'm going to be good with my stretching and rolling, though, so hopefully I will be able to keep all of the aches at bay!

Just 13 days until the triathlon! Today was the Acworth Women's Tri that I had considered doing. I'm sad that I missed it, and wish I had signed up for both! LOL Though at the time, I wouldn't have known I would feel ready to race so soon. Maybe I'll be able to work it into the schedule for next year.

And yes... I'm already thinking of next year's schedule. This might be a record, even for me! :)

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