Friday, August 9, 2013

Long and strong bike ride!

Week 11 training is nearly done!

Because my Moms Run This Town chapter is having a group run/race tomorrow, I moved my training schedule around a little bit and did my long bike ride today. 90 minute ride - at the park - before school! Yikes! With the sun not coming up until shortly before 7 AM, that doesn't leave me enough time to get back home and get cleaned up for school. I'm going to have to figure out how to work my longer rides in - either doing them on the trainer before sunrise or at the park after lunch (when we have a 90 minute free reading/rest time). Since this was the last long bike ride of training, I figure it wouldn't hurt just this once to be late getting started.

Today's ride was excellent! I pushed myself a little bit on the hills, pedaling in a harder (lower?) gear. My RPMs were down slightly but it was OK. I also practiced eating peanut butter on sandwich thins which I like MUCH more than Bagel Thins. The pocket on the top I am wearing for the tri isn't as roomy as the one I wore to the trail last week, but that's OK for this time since this is a sprint distance and I won't need to carry as much food with me. I did learn to only put what I am eating at one time in a baggie - I put the whole sandwich in one baggie but only ate half. When I reached back into my pocket for the Honey Stinger Chews I packed (YUM!), the sandwich had come out of the still-open bag and was getting smushed! Oops!

I did very well on my hydration and my fueling and managed to average 14.2 MPH in the park, with all of the slowdowns for the curves and turns and getting around people. Pretty solid, I think!

This time next week I'll be trying to get a good night's sleep for race morning! I think I'm going to have to leave around 4AM to get there in time for packet pickup and body marking. I didn't realize that Peachtree City is as far away from us as it is! Oops! Oh well, the race starts nice and early and that means I'll be home early - to take a nap! LOL

I am really, really, really getting excited!!

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  1. Your race will be here so soon! Way to go this weekend!