Wednesday, August 7, 2013


This morning the weather cooperated long enough - literally - to get my Pretty-Big-Brick workout in! It was iffy because it was sprinkling most of the time, and humid like a sauna, but this could be the weather on race morning, so I may as well train in it.

Today's workout called for a 65 minute bike ride and a 35 minute run. Since we started school on Monday, I knew I would need to do the workout at the local park, which isn't the end of the world. Actually, there are a few smaller hills, and lots of turns, so that is actually good for my training!

I have been really tired the last few days. Not sure if it's from the weekend's workouts, or if it's from the fact that we did start school on Monday, but last night I was doubting if this workout was going to happen or not.

Imagine my surprise when it not only happened, but it ROCKED!

I averaged 14.0 mph - in the curvy park! My RPMs were lower than I wanted, but I wonder if that's because I did a lot of non-pedaling around the curves.

On the run, I hit negative splits again! I did stop a little more than halfway through when the car repair shop called to tell me my car would be ready this evening and to give me the cost. I ran fast afterward, probably due to hearing the cost!

 I have felt so great after the workout, and I've felt pretty good the whole day! This reminds me why I like training for triathlons so much! :D

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