Saturday, August 24, 2013

Race Report: 2013 Magnolia Run for Epilepsy 5K

I was cranky this morning and not really 'feeling' this race. I was supposed to be walking it with a friend whose daughter has epilepsy. But her daughter has had a rough week medically, and her mom was understandably not comfortable with leaving her. This has been a rough week for many of my friends and their children (and parents - a dear friend is saying goodbye to her father as I type this, along with having a couple of children in medical crisis) and I have been so sad about it all. It's not fair for kids to have to go through all this stuff.

But I decided that I would run the 5K in honor of all of the people we know who have epilepsy. So I took another rest day yesterday and ran this morning.

I woke up to MORE news of friends whose children are seriously struggling. I was so sad. I left in the dark for the race, listening to the new Blue October CD (which does help, to some extent). Got to the race and picked up my race number and my friend's stuff since she couldn't make it. Then I talked for a little while to the rep from the Epilepsy Foundation of GA. While I was talking to her, a young adult male came and started talking to her - he reminded me very much of my own son. He said he has Epilepsy (I suspect he also is on the spectrum) and he just had a seizure last week after being seizure free on medication for a long time. He was sad because he can't drive for 6 months now. Broke my heart.

They offered pre-race Zumba, which was not the same without my favorite teacher. And then it was time to head over to the start line. I realized as I was walking that I hadn't pulled together a playlist, so I worked on one quickly as I was walking. Gotta love the iPhone for that! Then I put in the earbuds that I grabbed this morning out of my iPhone box - was saving them for backups since the girls keep borrowing mine. Well, I couldn't get them to work. I'm sure it's user error, but it was very aggravating!

Then it was time to start! And my earbuds weren't working and I'm all discombobulated! I tried to tuck the earbuds in my pocket, and I looked down and they were sticking out and flopping all over the place. So while I was still trying to run I grabbed the phone and earbuds and shoved them in the back pocket of my top (thankfully I was wearing a multisport tank this morning! LOL).

UGH! I was just so blasted aggravated. So I started running. By this time I just wanted to get it OVER with and get back home.

I had planned to run this as part of my recovery week, at a nice and easy pace. When I finished the first mile in 9:30, I realized that I either needed to slow down or just decide to go for it. So, I went for it.

I remembered the course from last year and knew there were quite a few hills in the middle. I hadn't fueled for such a pace - just a half a bottle of Nuun, and I didn't even carry anything with me to drink. I did stop for a drink of water on the course, but by the middle of the third mile, I was feeling icky. My side was getting a stitch and I was afraid that I was going to be sick. Thankfully, I knew that we were done with the worst hills, and that I would be done soon.

As I rounded the corner with the mile 3 sign, and the finish line came into sight, I saw that I had a good chance to come in under 29 minutes. I remembered that my 5K PR was in the upper range of 28 minutes, so I gave it what I had left - which wasn't much! LOL After I crossed the finish and turned off my watch, I saw that I just barely made it under 29 minutes.

At least I felt bad for a reason! :)

But I was feeling miserable. I kept walking around and got some water and a banana. They had lots of food there but nothing sounded good. The banana didn't either - but I knew I needed something, and I had nothing in the car (since I was planning on taking it easy @@). So I walked slowly back to the car, eating my banana, and I started to feel better.

At least I have a good reason for looking this dead!! LOL 
After the race, I hit Trader Joe's since it was just one exit down - BIG mistake! Hungry Jen buys all the junk food at TJs. At least it's all-natural junk food, right? LOL

When I got home, I was able to analyze my data - negative splits, which is always good. Mile 1 - 9:33; Mile 2 - 9:28; Mile 3 - 8:36!! I think that's my fastest mile ever recorded!! And the last bit (as you can see on the watch) was 8:22! WOW!

So while this wasn't necessarily the best idea for a recovery week run - it sure did help me to get out some frustration.

And now I need to take a nap! :D

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