Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Recovery Week - midweek update

So what have I been up to the last few days? Why, a recovery week, of course.

Or maybe I should call it "recovery" week. You be the judge!

The day of the triathlon my parents came into town and took us to the Atlanta Braves game, where they played for 15 innings. We got home around 2 AM. Remember that I woke up at 3:15 AM for the race. Yeah, 23 hours awake - not good for an old woman.

I woke Sunday around 7:30 AM. Sunday was busy the way Sunday always is.

Monday I woke up and decided to take a rest day. It was raining and I was exhausted. We all slept in a bit, but then did school work. The girls had dance and we were at the Studio from 4:30-9.

Tuesday morning I got up and went for a little swim. I have been nervous that my anxiety from the craziness of the race would continue into the pool. I was nervous for the first couple of laps but I settled down a bit. It didn't feel nice and easy, though, like it usually does. I'm hoping it's just fatigue. I swam 600 meters.

Came home and did school work with the kids, then went to the oral surgeon. I broke a back molar a few months ago but it didn't bother me much so I didn't worry about it. It started hurting in mid-July but by that point I didn't want to be told that I couldn't train, so I just ignored it. I told some motrin when it was the worst. Finally I couldn't stand it any longer (the week before the tri) and called to make an appointment. So yesterday it was, "Bye, bye broken molar!"- and I was told not to exert myself for 24 hours.

Last night was a meeting for my homeschool group and I didn't get home until 9:30. This morning we did some school work and then my son had his first outside class, from which we just got home. We have more dance tonight and tomorrow night, as well as a dentist appointment for my youngest in the morning.

Tomorrow I'll put the bike on the trainer and see how it goes! I am really, really fatigued. I'm not sure if it's from the triathlon, or from all of the other stuff around the triathlon - or a combination of the two. I've actually been debating taking the entire week off. I'll see how I feel in the morning. This morning I was very sore all over so I was fine taking with taking a rest day. I would much rather be really ready to go with my training again and feeling good that to feel so drained and exhausted.

Recovery is as important in the cycles of training as the actual training is!

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