Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tapper Girl

Yesterday, I had my first ever Adult Tap class! I have wanted to do this for years but never had the opportunity between scheduling or finances, but this year, everything came together just right!

Here I am before class!
The class itself was great. I was worried that the regulars in the class would be upset about having me as a newbie and holding them back, but I needn't have worried. Everyone in the class (who I have known for years!) was very encouraging and kind, and our teacher (Sarah - my Zumba teacher) really did a good job balancing the newbies - one in addition to me - and the regulars.

It was a LOT to learn, and I had my daughters help me today in a couple of things I was unsure about. One thing that discouraged me is that I have completely forgotten the little dance combination we did at the end of the class last night. I guess there was so much for my brain to remember and I reached my limits! LOL I really can't wait until next week! I had so much fun and my legs muscles got a lot of use in different ways than they do in triathlon training.

As for training, that has been sporadic this week so far. I have been fighting off a cold for the last few days. Add to that the fact that my period started yesterday and that makes for an icky feeling and quite exhausted me. I am taking advantage of the fact that I have nothing on my race calendar (seriously - NOTHING!) to let my body rest. This is what I wanted - a break in 'having' to train so that when I 'get' to train, I can do it for the sheer enjoyment of it all!

I did run on Monday in the neighborhood - for the first time in months! I did not miss running in the neighborhood! Forgot how boring that is. And then I did my strength training for the first time since the the taper - I did actually miss that. Surprising! But then yesterday I skipped my swim because I couldn't breathe well and I wanted to save up my energy for tap class last night. This morning I postponed my bike ride on the trainer to this afternoon, and then this afternoon I decided to skip it completely. I am not feeling any worse, but I'm truly feeling so weak. I know that the rest will do me better. I have another swim on the schedule tomorrow, which I would like to do because the pool will be closing next week for maintenance between the summer and winter season. But if I'm not feeling markedly better I will skip that as well in favor of another day of rest.

This makes me so glad that I decided not to sign up for the triathlon at the end of September. No pressure and no worries about missing some workouts this week. Just eager anticipation at getting back out there when I am feeling 100%!

So what will my fall and winter "off-season" look like? That will be the topic of my my next post!

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