Sunday, August 25, 2013

There are FISH!

Yesterday after the race, my husband and I went out to the lake so that I could practice some open water swimming. I have been concerned all week that the anxiety problems I had at the triathlon last week after I was grabbed in the water would continue. I didn't have much time to get my swim in because of other obligations, but I felt that it was so important to get into the open water again as soon as possible.

I wasn't expecting there to be any people at the lake in the morning, even though it was Saturday. I figured they would come later on. I was incredibly embarrassed, especially since I was wearing my swimsuit and not a triathlon outfit. There was even a church group that had apparently done a baptism moments before we arrived on the scene. They moved over to the picnic area as we were walking down to the shore which was good. I'm not sure I could have gotten in if they were still having their service - and my time limit was just a few minutes.

Quickly, I got on my cap and goggles. As I was walking into the water, I noticed some small fish swimming away. Turning back to my husband, I said, "There are FISH!" He shrugged his shoulders as if to say, "Duh!"

My lifeguard!

I continued on into the water and started to swim. My plan was to swim out to the line that marks the end of the swimming area that way if I got panicked, I could hold on to floats until my husband could figure out how to get to me!

The first lap along the swim line reminded me of the first couple of laps in the pool on Tuesday. My heart was racing and I felt nervous. I checked with my husband to see if we had time for me to do one more lap and he shrugged again - he apparently needed more coffee to be verbal! ;)

The second lap went much better and I'm glad that I pushed my luck and did that lap. I was able to concentrate on relaxing and slowing down my breathing. I turned and swam back to shore and knew that this was time well-spent!

I hope to get out to the lake on a regular basis, especially once it cools off a little more so I can practice swimming in my wetsuit! One of the Olympic distance tris that I'm looking into next year is at the end of April and that is definitely wetsuit weather!

Maybe I should get my hubby a kayak so he can follow me around?

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