Saturday, September 14, 2013


I am feeling better today, but since I subscribe to the Bobby Cox method of injury recovery and prevention, I am taking "One More Day" off today! Since the weather is absolutely gorgeous this morning, I planned to do something with my Saturday morning that I never get to do since I'm always working out on Saturdays - I went to a farmer's market!

My friend Hope owns Bold Springs Bakery and she posted yesterday that she was going to have Honey Wheat Bread at her booth! Well, that was enough to get me to make the drive to Monroe! :)

I've never been to a Farmer's Market before, and I wasn't sure what to expect. This is the end of the season and it has been a terribly wet summer, so I don't think there was as much produce there are there might have been.

At Hope's booth I picked up my bread and she also gave me some samples of loose tea for my daughter to try. Then I stopped at another booth to inquire about the local honey, and tried a sample of her cinnamon rolls and ended up buying one to share with my son when I got home.

Farmer's Market goodness!
There were booths with handmade jewelry, dresses, soaps, grass fed buffalo meat and pork, and some veggies and fruits. There were also a few booths for local businesses like a theater that will be performing The Christmas Story ("You'll put your eye out" version) later this year. I had hoped to get some green peppers and corn and apples but there weren't any to be found.

It was a crisp, cool, sunny morning and it felt so much like fall! I actually wore track pants! I know it will warm up again, but this was a perfect preview of fall!

I am debating biking tomorrow, or I may take another day off. I will see how I feel the rest of today! The time off will do me and my body some good - and maybe I will learn my lesson and not try to do every single activity out there! LOL

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