Monday, September 2, 2013

Here's to Self-Control!

Since we didn't have school this morning, I decided to go run at the park. And not just the park, but the Hilly Park! Oh, yeah, I am over being 'afraid' of the hills. And since my racing budget is limiting me to local races, I need to make friends with the hills so I can run/race them close to home!

I didn't sleep very well last night and I hit the snooze button 3 times before I shut off the alarm altogether. I even debated in my mind just skipping the run completely.

But I didn't. I got my stuff together, even coming back inside to get a visor because it looked like rain, and headed out to the park - I didn't even get there until 8:30! LOL

I started out with a walk up the biggest hill - sloooooow. Dang. But that's OK. I am continuing to work on slowing down while I am working on distance again. I figured that today would be a great way to practice this since I was tired and I was at the Hilly Park.

And that plan really worked out perfectly. I felt great the entire time, even on the uphills, and even when it started to rain. In fact, I felt so good, I started trying to talk myself into going further than the 4 miles I had planned. First I told myself that since I needed to get back to the car anyway, I may as well just run there. Then I told myself that I could add a little distance today and not go longer on the long run on Friday. Then I told myself that I could just do both and it wouldn't really hurt anything since I'm only running twice a week - and I'm not swimming this week because the pool is closed.

Finally, my sense kicked back in.

The "10% Rule" is a rule for a reason.

So idiots like me don't have one good run and decide to push it too far and get injured.

So when my Garmin hit 4 miles, I stopped and walked the rest of the way back to the car. I wanted to go further.

I felt strong and like I easily could have kept going! 

THAT is the key! I remember reading that in the Penguin's books! And that is what I've been missing over the summer. My runs have been hard and my pace has been quite fast, but when I got to the end of the planned workout, I was tired and done. That isn't how I need to be pacing myself for adding mileage. If I can get this back, then that will be fantastic! I'm actually looking forward to running long again. And biking long. And swimming long. I have plenty of time to get a nice base established!! Now I need to have the self-control to allow it to happen!

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