Sunday, September 15, 2013

The End of an Era

This afternoon, I scraped the "Runner Girl" sticker off the back window of my car.

I had 4 stickers on my back window: "Runner Girl", "Swim Bike Run", "39.3 (Mickey Ears)", and "26.2". Last year when I joined USAT, they sent me a sticker and I wanted to put it on my car but decided that I didn't have room for any more in the window. At that time, I debated taking off the Runner Girl or the 26.2 (since I am not planning to do another full marathon in the future). But I couldn't bring myself to do it. I was less than a year out from my big injury and trying hard to come back to my previous form. Although I did my second triathlon around that time, I was still not fully committed to triathlon over running.

As this year has progressed, and I have completed 2 more triathlons and the training that goes along with them, I have come to realize that I really prefer "triathlon" to "running with cycling and swimming as cross-training". I feel truly energized when I am in triathlon mode!

Not that I don't appreciate running and everything it has done for me. I wouldn't BE a triathlete without running. If someone had said to me back in 2008, "Hey, let's do a triathlon" there is NO. WAY. I would have contemplated that. Running was 'safer' and, although it was still a crazy endeavor for someone who had never done any sort of sport before, it was definitely not intimidating like a triathlon! LOL  And I still do want to complete at least one more half marathon just to prove to myself that I can run one again straight through (and I have the race all picked out - since it will be my 10th half marathon, but that will be another post!).

So today while I was out removing all of my stickers from my van, which my son is now driving, I also removed the "Runner Girl" sticker from the car. I almost removed the "26.2" sticker as well but decided not to for now. I am pretty sure I will put the USAT sticker on the car in its place, but I will wait to see if there is a different one when I renew my membership at the end of the month!

So what does that make me now? Tri Girl? Multisport Girl? Hmm, they don't have the same ring to them, do they?! LOL 

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