Thursday, September 19, 2013

Workout Bliss

Lack of posting this week only because of busy-ness with the family! Nothing bad happened - quite the contrary, it's been a great week for working out!

I was rewarded for my patient approach to last week's over-zealous workout schedule and the resulting twinges with a fantastic bike ride around Stone Mountain on Sunday. I felt great during and after, and I had to stop myself from adding another lap. I was a tiny bit disappointed to see that my pace was slightly slower than the previous time, but I felt so much better during the laps that I'm going to consider it success anyway!

Monday I ran in my neighborhood. My pace was a little higher than it probably needed to be, but I was bored and wanted to get it over with. I also did my lower body strength training routine.

Tuesday is a swim day. I had planned to do 1400 meters, but then I realized that I would have been going over the 10% rule (not increasing distance each week by more than 10% of the previous week's distance), so I decided to stick to 1300 meters. I followed it up with my upper body and core strength training routine.

Tuesday evening I have my adult tap class. I am really enjoying it now that I'm not feeling so overwhelmed with the steps. I do have to work on my technique, but since I've only been going for 4 weeks, I'll cut myself some slack! :)

Wednesday I did my bike ride on the trainer during our afternoon break from lessons. I did 18 miles, like I did last week, but on the trainer it gives me the chance to keep up my cadence the entire time and work a little on speed. I actually had THREE consecutive miles where I was over 17 MPH. I felt tougher than tough! Afterward, I did my lower body strength, but I had to modify it due to tired legs from tap and the ride! LOL

Today is a swim day again - 1300 meters. Upper body and core work followed. This week I practiced different breathing patterns. This will be helpful in the open water swim in case I get spooked again and need to take more frequent breaths like I did at the PTC Tri. Also if the water conditions or the crowd dictate that I need to breathe on a different side and in a different pattern, I will have experience with that. It was harder on Tuesday than today, so I think I'm getting better at it.

The only workouts that are left are my long run and long ride. The weather is not looking favorably upon my long ride on Saturday, but I'm not giving up just yet. However, the prospect of doing 35 miles on the trainer does not make me happy.

Sunday will be a rest day - and then next week is a cutback week! I almost skipped the cutback because of taking 2 days off last week, but I decided to keep on my schedule. I'm feeling too good right now, and I have no major races - just some fun goals and new experiences in the next 2 months - that I don't want to risk injury and missing out on the fun.

Because, after all, isn't that what it's supposed to be all about?!?!

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