Thursday, October 3, 2013

A time goal?

Y'all know me well enough by now to know that I don't usually go into races with big goals - and very rarely with a finishing time goal in mind. But this last week, I have been going nuts with this time goal for the Georgia Race for Autism this coming weekend.

I'm not sure what's wrong with me, but I really, really want to PR this race. This race is just supposed to be my first 10K race with no walking intervals since my injury. Plain and simple.

So why am I feeling this need to crush this course? It's so unlike me!

My 10K PR is 58:33 from back in September 2011 when I was in my best running shape ever. And it was set on a course that was overall downhill and designed for PRs.

Maybe it's because I placed 3rd in my Age Group in this race last year, while running intervals - and not even trying. But just because it was that way last year doesn't mean the field will be that way this year. I could get a faster time this year and not place - just because faster people showed up! Nothing against me, just the luck of the draw.

So now I'm concerned. I've been waiting all year for this race. My family is going above and beyond on Saturday to make this happen for me because my older daughter has a big dance thing all weekend, and the main performances are on Saturday. If I don't PR am I going to be disappointed? If I don't place in my AG again am I going to be disappointed? This was supposed to be the next big milestone in my recovery - a 10K race without stopping for walk breaks. THAT should be enough, right?

This is why I don't like having time goals. Ugh! I hope my head is in a good place come Saturday morning!

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