Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Another cut-back week already?!

I guess it's just because I'm getting older, but time sure does seem to be flying! It is already time for another cut-back week!

This time, my focus is on not pushing up my intensity too much. Last month, I cut my distance back by 75% like I'm supposed to, but I pushed the intensity/speed WAY up.

That defeats the purpose! LOL

So this week will be about moderation and control! So far I've done a swim workout and a bike workout on the trainer with this philosophy and they have both been successful! (My 5 mile run on Monday for my Runniversary should have been shorter and slower, but it was my Runniversary and I didn't put any constraints on myself!)

One last thing - it's going to be a COLD weekend in Atlanta! I guess I'll be breaking out the winter running gear a little early! Not quite happy about that! Hopefully it will warm up before next Saturday when I have my first bike race/ride! YIKES!

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