Sunday, October 27, 2013

If this is cut-back week, why am I so tired?!

What a completely crazy week this has been! I have hardly had a minute to sit down and reflect on things! I thought I was supposed to be resting up!?! So much for that!

The workouts were great and I was mostly able to keep them at a lower intensity! The one exception was today when I went to Stone Mountain for some cycling on the hills in preparation for next weekend's ride/race. I planned on only 3 laps (which is the 75% cut back). With the sun not coming up until later, and the blast of cold air we got in Atlanta this weekend, I have had to move my workouts around a bit so I can ride in the afternoon warmth. But today I was so tired! On the way over to the park, I was actually yawning! LOL

So I get out there and start my first lap, and I'm feeling absolutely awful. I'm tired and my legs feel like lead. I got around to the Big Bad Hill and I'm making my way up but it feels horrific! I was debating in my head whether or not to just get back to the car and call it a day. I reached the end of the hill and prepared to shift back into the middle ring when I realized that I had never actually shifted out of it to start with! I was pedaling up the Big Bad Hill in my middle chain! Well, THAT surely explains the problem! I am usually in the smallest chain in the lowest gear and still struggling!

I sure felt better mentally, but that exercise had taken a lot out of my legs and the rest of the ride sucked big time. BLAH!

It's not very encouraging to be going into a new week of training feeling depleted already! But the next couple of weeks aren't going to be pushing hard anyway, so I guess that's good. I want to take it easy this week in preparation for my big bike ride/race on Saturday (ACK! What was I thinking?!?). After that, I have nothing big on the schedule until my birthday Half Marathon in April - so there's no need at all to push. I can just increase my distances gently and easily and build that nice strong base for next year's races!

Or so I tell myself! :D

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