Thursday, October 31, 2013

Putting the "blahs" behind me!

My workouts earlier this week were just BLAH! Monday's run and Tuesday's swim were literally the most awful workouts in a very long while. I actually had to bribe myself with chocolate milk to get the miles in on Monday!

Tuesday evening was better, though. It was my last tap class before my teacher goes on maternity leave. She was 39 weeks pregnant that day and she was still able to kick my butt, but by the end of the class I had finally gotten a series of moves that had given me a lot of trouble. I'm sure it didn't sound pretty and clear, but that part can come later. Just getting the moves down with the correct tempo was the important first step!

Yesterday's bike ride was actually pretty lovely. The temps were in the mid 70s and it was sunny. So unusual for the end of October, so I definitely took advantage of it. But I also didn't push it. I have to save my legs for Saturday's One Can Ride! It's not too late to sign up, either! Here is some more information if you're interested:

 This morning's swim also went better than Tuesday's swim even though I was doing my long set instead of breaking up the distance. It's so annoying counting all those laps! LOL And the water was chilly, but my goggles didn't give me any trouble this time which helped with the frustration factor.

Now it's time to rest up the body! Just rolling and stretching to prepare for Saturday! I'm going to go drive the course tomorrow morning after I drop off my daughter at class. I am nervous and excited, but not as freaked out like I was about the trail race. I hope that the good experience I had there has taught me that there is no sense in being so anxious and upset about an event! Nervous excitement is one thing and can usually be fun and motivational. But there really is no need for the kind of upset that causes me to lose sleep and be frightened!

Be sure to check back on Saturday afternoon for my ride report! :D

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