Friday, November 29, 2013

I was #500!

Right before I left for Disney World, I published my 500th post. You may remember the fanfare surrounding this miraculous event.

You don't?? Really?

Yeah, don't worry about it... I forgot, too! I did, however, publish a great post #502!

Coincidentally, during that time, a fellow Team Touch Chik member was running a contest for the 500th like on their Facebook page! The winner would get some free Nuun tablets, and since I was almost out of Nuun, I decided to pop on over and like their page...

and I won!!

I got two new flavors to try - lemon and tropical - and they are very yummy!

I love personal notes, and her handwriting is simply fantastic! :D
The blog is Fit Moms Full Plates and I have really enjoyed reading it and getting to know Dani and  Pam! They post recipes and race reports and all sorts of goodness, so you should check them out! And go like their Facebook page, too! :)

And while you're on Facebook, you should like the page for Running Through the Castle, so I can get more than 23 likes! :D

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