Thursday, November 28, 2013

Race Report: Turkey Trot 15K

I didn't fall off the face of the earth, I promise! Between being gone to Disney, and then coming home to a very busy week, I wasn't able to post much. I was able to post on my Facebook page, though, so remember to like my Black Pearl Academy Facebook page so you don't miss anything!

I have so very much to catch up with on my blog, but today I'm going to stick to the race report! I should have more time to post this weekend, so check back later! :)

There is no shortage of Thanksgiving Day races to do in the Atlanta area. The big one is put on by the Atlanta Track Club and takes place downtown. I did that one in 2010 and you can read that race report here. I had signed up to do it again in 2011 but was unable to due to my IT Band injury. And then I didn't do any holiday races in 2012 at the request of my family. I had considered doing the Atlanta Half again, but it's really a logistical nightmare. And I didn't have $70 in the budget.

So when I learned of a Turkey Trot being hosted by Five Star NTP, the race directors that hosted the Super Sprint triathlon I did in June, I was interested. They put on this race as a thank you to their customers and it's free if you don't want a medal or shirt. If you do want those things, it was $22 for the 15K or Half Marathon! And the race is up here in the northern Atlanta suburbs!

As race day approached, the weather forecast got worse and worse. The Coldest Thanksgiving in a Century! That really doesn't make me excited! LOL But it's an adventure, right? And when I went to pick up my race bib yesterday, I found that I was getting really excited!

Since the location was so close, and I had already picked up my bib, I could wait in the car until right before the start. I was meeting a friend from Moms Run This Town, and we would walk over to the start together from the parking area. While I waited, I took note of the temperature:

That's the actual temperature, folks - the wind chill was a few degrees cooler! Brrrr!
My friend arrived and we walked over to the start to look for the bathrooms. I was shocked at how many people showed up. The RD had posted that there were 1100 signed up, but I figured the weather would scare lots of folks away, especially since it's a free race! I guess we runners are completely crazy! The line for the bathroom indoors was super-long, and we ended up missing the MRTT official picture. And we almost missed the start and had to end up going outside and using the porta-potties. Such a bummer! It was so cold and there was actually ICE on the floor of the porta-pottie!

Unofficial MRTT Pre-Race picture, since we missed the real one!

The course for the 15K was 3 loops of the 5K course. I wasn't really thrilled about that but it ended up being fun because I could see people from MRTT that I knew and wave to them. But I think I've learned that this RD has a crazy view of "fairly flat" when it comes to course description! There were 2 pretty decent hills on the back side of the course.

At least someone has a good sense of humor!
I ran with my friend and the time passed so quickly while we exchanged stories about how we got into running and homeschooling! We had to run pretty slowly in the first lap because of the 5K being so crowded (the majority of runners were doing the 5K distance), but after that, we could set our own pace. I walked while eating my Honey Stinger Chews, and that took longer than usual each time because of frozen fingers (even with mittens and hand warmers!).

Overall, I wasn't nearly as cold as I was expecting once I got moving. My nose and mouth were the coldest for the longest. In fact, I could feel how frozen my mouth was while I was trying to talk! It was a really freaky feeling.

Our third lap came to an end really fast - and there was the finish line! The medal was absolutely adorable!

There was no traffic leaving and I made it home in no time at all! I had taken clothes with me to change into but I was running a bit later than I had expected so I skipped the clothes change and just went home. There was a roaring fire in the fireplace to greet me, and my hubby had put the turkey in the oven for me since I was running behind schedule! All I had to do was get in the shower - and let me tell you, that hot shower was truly my best friend! :) Ahhhh, felt so good to get really warm again!

The traditional race shirt picture had to be taken in front of the fireplace because I was not going back outside again! LOL

Such a cute shirt - no trouble seeing me today!
I think I have found my new Thanksgiving Day tradition, thanks to Five Star NTP! I am looking forward to running this event again next year! Now I just have to figure out which of their races to run in 2014 so I can qualify - maybe one of the triathlons? :D

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I am thankful for all of you who take the time to read my blog (and ::cough cough:: comment! HINT HINT!).

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