Sunday, December 8, 2013

Kick-butt training!!

This was a great week of training! The weather was quite uncooperative, and my schedule was a bit crazy, but I still managed to fit in all of my planned workouts!

Today I had a 40 mile bike ride on the schedule, and the temperature stayed in the low 40s with a 'feels like' in the high 30s, with off and on rain all day. Back to the trainer again!! I don't think I've been on the roads or a trail on the bike in over a month! It's awful! But I am grateful to have the trainer, and a space in the garage to ride it where it doesn't disturb the family.

To combat the craziness of 40 miles on the trainer, I broke it up into 3 segments, two 15 milers and a 10 miler. I took a break after each of the 15 milers and came in to stretch my legs and have a snack (peanut butter on a sandwich thin). I was really surprised at how quickly the time passed. I don't know if it was taking the breaks that made the difference, or if it was my intensity (low resistance/gear, high RPMs), or maybe it was both. Either way, it was successful!

Averaged a little over 14mph!! And right around 90 RPMs! Goal achieved!
 I came inside and put my feet up to rest like my Uncle, who is a cyclist, had taught me to do.

It's not a chair rail - it's a foot rest!
So this marks the end of this 3-week segment of training and it's time for another Cut-Back Week! The last one I took was when we went to Disney World, so that wasn't really a lot of relaxation and recovery going on. This coming week I will enjoy cutting back on the intensity and volume of my training, and I get to cap off the week with the Jingle Jog for Autism 5K, the very first race I ever did, back in 2008!! I'm very excited!

My goals for this upcoming week are to keep the intensity under control (since I have a tendency to up the intensity during the Cut-back Week when I decrease my volume), get in ALL of my planned stretching and yoga (hard in the busy-ness of the holiday season), and to have a complete blast at the Jingle Jog! :D

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