Thursday, December 19, 2013

Little bits of cycling joy!

Yesterday I was going to attempt to do something I haven't done since August - a brick workout! I was a little intimidated, especially because I was going to have to run off the trainer, which I had never done before.

I had a bit of bicycle maintenance to do before I could do the workout. I may have mentioned before that I thought my tire pump was dead. I have been having a hard time with it, but assumed it was user error. Then I thought there was something wrong with my tire, until I watched the guy from Apalachee Cycle fill up my tires in mere seconds before the One Can Ride. Since the pump had been given to me when I got Frankenbike, and it looked pretty well-used when I got it, I figured it was time for a new pump.

Have you ever priced tire pumps? It's like most gear for triathlon - bargain basement prices all the way up to the amount I paid for my first car. And since I had just managed to wipe out my fitness budget with Black Friday orders, I was working on a limited budget. I finally gave up and went into the bike store next to the Game Stop (I was Christmas shopping with the girls LOL) and they had pumps on sale. I bought the least expensive one they had! I know, that was scientific, huh?

And while I was there, I got some more lube for my chain. I had noticed during recent rides (even on the trainer) that my chain was starting to make some noise. Since I put my old bottle of lube somewhere safe (@@), I haven't been able to find it. I figure that I will be able to find it now, since I replaced it!

So yesterday, before the big brick - it was time to love on my bike! Now, the last time that I tried to lube the chain, it wasn't pretty. In fact, it was annoyingly messy. But this time I was smart - I watched You Tube videos on both chain lubrication and tire filling! And it must have helped because I lubed that chain like I'd been doing it my whole life! And while the tire pumping didn't go as smoothly, it was much better than with the old pump. I felt like an absolute pro!

As for the brick, that also went very well! One of the hardest things for me with a brick is that feeling when you start running that you're going SO SLOWLY. After being so fast on a bike, it feels like you're crawling. But since I had done my 20 miles sitting in place, actually moving through the neighborhood felt like I was flying! I only did one lap, which is about 1.6 miles. It worked perfectly because I'm running about 16 miles a week right now, so increasing by 10% is exactly 1.6 - love it when the math works perfectly! :D

 So yesterday's workout started with a lovely ride on the trainer in the garage, with my full tires and well-oiled chain (that sounded so lovely and really felt easier to pedal), and ended with a lovely run around the neighborhood on a gorgeous sunny but cool day! Man, I love triathlon! :)

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