Saturday, January 25, 2014

Baby, it's cold outside!

Today was supposed to be my first 12 miler of this base-building period! Today was supposed to be the day where I skipped out on my tri club and the flat trail they train on and hit the hills of Stone Mountain.

Mother Nature had other plans.

Earlier in the week, the forecast called for lows in the upper teens and highs in the mid 40s. That's do-able, I thought. I'll just go for my run in the afternoon! I worked it out with the family and all was right in the world.

Mother Nature had other plans.

Somewhere around Thursday, the forecast changed. It was still going to be in the mid 40s in the afternoon, but now there was a Wind Advisory with 20-30 mph sustained winds and 35-40 mph gusts. Now, there are 2 things I do not run outside in: thunderstorms, and wind advisories.

But I WANT to run outside. And I NEED to get some hill training in! (Can you hear me whining??)

So I could go in the morning before the winds started - it would be 17 degrees with a "feels like" of 12. Ugh. 12 miles is a really long time to be outside in those temperatures. And to be outside sweating in those temperatures.

My husband requested that I take my run to the treadmill. And, in the end (as in 6:30 this morning), I took his suggestion. I packed up all my stuff and headed to the gym. Dreading it the whole way.

I arrived shortly after 8 (they open at 8 AM on Saturdays) and it was pretty empty. I took up residency on a treadmill on the 2nd row, closest to the windows. These are rarely used as you can't see the TVs from them. I didn't care. I wasn't there to watch TV! I started a warm-up walk for 5 minutes, and then began to run.

Since I feel so awkward on the treadmill, I always start out slower (around 5.7 mph for run, 3.8 mph for walk) and work my way up (to 6.0 mph for the run, 4.0 mph for the walk). Since this was my long run and the first time for this distance, I decided in advance to stay with the 6/4 mph to force myself to keep a slower pace. That is one huge benefit of the treadmill!

The treadmills at the gym start over at 60 minutes, so I stopped my first set at 5 miles, and then restarted for another 5 miles. Then I started over again for the last 2 miles and a 10 minute cool down. All together (with the walking warm up and cool down) I did 12.94 miles on the treadmill. Another 0.16 miles and I would have done a full half marathon. On the treadmill. And yes I was tempted to keep walking! But I didn't. I was a good, base-building triathlon girl! :)

Surprisingly, the time passed by quickly! I think all of the time I'm spending on the trainer has strengthened me mentally! I felt good the entire time, and best of all - I don't have to spend all afternoon trying to warm up again! That is another huge benefit of the treadmill!

Tomorrow is my long bike ride, and the weather is supposed to be pleasant and non-windy! My plan is to ride with the tri club and then come home and finish out my miles on the trainer. We'll see if Mother Nature cooperates this time! ;)

Enjoy your workouts, and if you're in the 70% of the country that is freezing right now - stay warm!! 

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