Sunday, January 19, 2014

Group ride, again!

So I decided to do the group ride, and then come home and do the rest of my miles on the trainer. It was a beautifully sunny day today, but the wind was pretty intense. But the more I thought about it, the more I decided that I probably need to get out there and ride in the wind. After all, I rode in the rain to practice for those conditions. And someone in the group said something about the bike course in Augusta being windy sometimes.

So off I went!

I rode with a different group of folks because the folks I rode with last week weren't there. But these folks were very nice. One of the ladies is in my running group, so I knew already. These folks were a little bit faster and I think if the wind hadn't been so terribly bad, we could have broken 14mph overall. We were almost to 15 mph average for the first 4-5 miles! This is a "no drop" ride which means we regroup at the intersections so nobody gets left behind. It was fantastic and I'm so glad I went. Everyone is so nice in this group!

Since this is my long ride day, and I don't want to lose my endurance, I went home and did some additional miles on the trainer. I was planning to do 50 total, since I did 45 two weeks ago. But then I started thinking about my cycling miles recently and realized that I added a that 3rd ride last week, and this week bumped it up to 10 miles. And I also added another mile to my brick ride. So that's 3.5 miles already added to my mileage (and really 11 miles added since the last time I did 45). That's way over 10%, so I bumped it down to 45 miles, which is right in line with a 10% increase. Gotta be smart! And I can do 50 miles next weekend! :)

The miles went by remarkably fast, but it did take up the entire afternoon and into the early evening. At least Sundays after church are very laid back in our house so nobody really misses me. But I wonder what I am going to do when I have to add another 20-25 miles to this distance? I guess Sunday will be a long, long day for me! LOL

One more week of build-up this coming week before the next cut-back!

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