Friday, January 31, 2014

Is it supposed to fit like this?!

Today I stopped by the bike store to try on the kit for the tri club. This sounds simple enough until you're staring at a hundred pieces of "stuff" trying to figure out what you might want/need!

I decided to keep it simple! I want to have a tri kit to wear for my triathlon this year, and I want a cycling jersey for the rides/races the group does.

So I tried on the tri kit first in a size that seemed reasonable (realizing that tri clothing seems to run so small). The bottoms fit surprisingly OK, except they just don't come up high enough. I've had 3 children. Frankly, I want the spandex to come up to my belly button. It just keeps things in place better! Then I went to put the top on. It was interesting, to say the least. It was fairly tight, but around the midsection only. The part around my chest and shoulders actually seemed a bit loose.

I tried the next size up, and both pieces fit more loosely - but the top was really loose at the top and when I bent over in a swim/bike position, I could see water going down the top and dragging a lot. Blah.

So I tried the first size back on again. Eh.

Decided to try the cycling jerseys. We have two styles to choose from. The first style was a little loose, except around the arms. The other style was tighter around the arms and the length was shorter. I tried both sizes in the other style and was unimpressed. I went back out to see if there was a smaller size to try in the first style, and saw the guy from our tri club (I'm going to call him Mr. T, because he's Trouble LOL).

He and a friend were stopping by on their bike ride - so I got a chance to ask him about the tri kits and how they are supposed to fit. "Tight," he said.  "Really right?" I ask. "Yes, really tight." Okie dokie.

Then he asked if I had tried on any cycle shorts yet (since I was wearing the cycle jersey and the tri shorts). I explained that I am not planning to buy any of the cycle shorts and will just wear my own black cycle shorts (our kits are blue with white and red accents). He said that was a good idea - he wears them with black, except when he does the organized group races, then he wears the full bike kit. Well, shoot.

I grabbed a pair of cycle shorts to try on. See what I mean? Trouble. (Also tried on a pair of arm warmers because he said they are good to have and inexpensive - that was interesting).

So now I have my sizes pulled together, and I have a few days left before the deadline to order. I am trying to sell some of my old running gear to raise money for the kits! Hopefully I can get them all! :)

Mr. T told me that he should have our running shirts tomorrow at the group run! I may have to wear it for my half in a couple of weeks. Of course, now I need a skirt to go with it! Ugh! LOL

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