Friday, January 17, 2014

Base-building update

This week's training has gone very, very well! Since I am pretty far ahead of the game with my distances, I didn't increase anything that much this week during my regular weekday workouts.

  •  I took the swim up to 2400 meters, and it went smoothly and felt good!
  •  I increased the bike ride on my Brick by 1 mile to 21 miles and I rode 10 miles on the new recovery ride that I started on Thursday afternoon. 
  •  I kept my Monday run and Brick run the same at 6 and 2 miles respectively.
  • I continued my strength training at the same number of sets and reps with the same weight. I think I'm almost ready to go up in the weight! I did change the core routine up and am really loving it. I did add the IT Band Rehab Routine back in which affected my legs a little more than I expected. 
  • I was supposed to resume tap class this week but we didn't do any actual dancing. We tried on our recital costumes (Boy, did THAT make it feel real!) and we spent the remaining time catching up after break. So next week I will have the added leg workout from tap class thrown in the mix. 
This weekend I am still doing 11 miles on my run. I am planning to go to my tri club's group run, and then add in the rest of the miles I need to make it to 11. We'll see how it goes on a 1 mile loop. I may go insane! LOL

I haven't decided yet what I'm doing for my long ride on Sunday. If it's warm enough, I may go on the group ride with the tri club. If it's not warm enough, I will probably do 45 miles on the trainer again. Or if I feel good after tomorrow's long run, I can bump it up to 50 miles. I'm going to plan that one by ear. I learned this week that the Silver Comet Trail is closed until April in the places nearest to me while they do construction and repaving. I don't want to lose the endurance I've built up for distances so I will have to find another place to get some nice, flat distance in. It won't be as convenient, but I will persevere! And surely it can't be as boring as the trainer, right?

I will try to post updates on my longer weekend workouts each evening! Enjoy your workouts, friends!

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