Friday, January 3, 2014

Winter running and plans

Today was my last long run before the Cut-Back Week. And it was a special run because it was going to be another milestone run for me - 11 miles! The winter weather decided that it wanted to hit Georgia hard today (and in the week to come) so I had a choice to make: run outside in the cold and bundle up, or take it to the treadmill and endure 11 miles of boredom and feeling funky (as I always do on the treadmill). I decided to tough it out, buy a balaclava, and hit the park near my house.

Since it wasn't going to be much warmer as the day went on, and I have a good bit of prep work to do for school (that I've been procrastinating about), I decided to go ahead and get it over with.

I had to take a screen shot because that was just not believable. Now I have proof. And Garmin actually registered the temp at 19 degrees! 

I purchased an inexpensive balaclava at Kohl's yesterday, since I probably (hopefully??) won't be wearing it very often. It is an interesting look, to say the least.

Runner girl or the Unibomber? It's hard to tell!
The sunglasses didn't even last one step on the run. Every time I exhaled, they would fog up! LOL So I put them aside and started. Every time I inhaled, the material around my house and mouth would suck to my face. That was a freaky feeling - like I was suffocating. So I put it down under my nose, which was better... but then the air going into my lungs made me start to feel like I was hyperventilating and/or having a heart attack. It was quite scary! I made the quick decision to switch to 4/1 intervals. When running, I would pull the mask down under my chin, and when I was walking, I would pull it back up again. That seemed to work, and by 3-4 miles in, I was feeling much better.

I forgot to turn my watch back on after a break for some fuel, so I actually ended up going about 4/10 of a mile or so beyond 11 miles. But I shall stick with the Garmin "official" mileage and call it 11 miles total! LOL

I'm not exactly in love with the balaclava, but I think it did its job. I took it down off my head for the last mile and realized quickly how much it had blocked the wind and the cold! I made it less than 2/10 of a mile before I pulled it back up!

So, all in all, it was a great long run - and I'm always excited to add a new mileage milestone! My average pacing was 10:09/mile, which is amazing considering all of the walk breaks. I am going to see how my legs feel today and tomorrow, and if there is a marked difference, then I may go ahead and do walk breaks on all of my runs. I know that sounds funny since I had this "thing" for so long about running a half with no walk breaks to prove that I am "back" - but I'm not so sure I'm hung up on that anymore. Hmmm, I'll have to keep thinking about that.

On that note, I worked on my training plan for January-March. My base building has gone very well, and I'm pleased with that. As I already mentioned, this coming week is a Cut Back Week. I do have one long bike ride left to do on Sunday, but then it's Cut Back time. My next event is the half marathon on my birthday in April. Since I am already up to a long run distance that will get me through the half (and still plan to add another mile or so to that), I do not feel like I need to do any specific training for that. What I do need to work on for the Half Ironman, however, is my cycling endurance and speed. So I am going to add another short ride in the week, on Thursday afternoon/evening. I will start off with 30-45 minutes and build it up, and we'll see how it goes. I'm hoping 3 rides per week will help me out.

Due to adding that in that extra day of cycling, as well as adding to my long ride distance, I have decided to take a Cut Back Week every 3 weeks instead of every 4 weeks. I think my body will appreciate the extra rest during this base building time. And since I am well ahead of my goals for this base period, I think I can safely take the extra rest! Of course, any time I feel like my body needs the rest, I will certainly do it. That approach has worked for the last 3 months, and I see no reason why it won't continue!

Stay warm and train safely, everyone! And remember to have FUN! :)

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