Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A sneak peak of spring!

It was 69 glorious degrees outside today! It wasn't sunny, but it sure was warm! This girl was taking her brick workout to the park!! :D

I wanted to try out my Team Tough Chik singlet during the run, but I was afraid I'd be chilly on the bike so I threw on a long sleeve shirt over my singlet. I was proud that the only thing I forgot to bring were my cycling gloves, and those aren't absolutely essential since it wasn't that warm.

This is the same park where I cycled and did most of my bricks last year, which made my improvement very obvious! I averaged 14.9 mph. That's just awesome for a park where I had to do 5 laps to get my 15.75 miles in! LOL I noticed that I am able to handle the curves and turns much better and have to do very little braking. I also noticed that I was able to maintain my cadence in a higher gear that I used to. All of those hours/miles in the saddle are really paying off!

I was nervous about the run because it's been so long since I've done a brick run after riding a bike that was actually moving. Running off the trainer had proved to be fairly easy, and I remembered that running off the bike was very awkward for me. But today, I didn't have any trouble! I went ahead and did my 4/1 intervals and ran 3 miles. Freaky that I just did the bike/run portion of most sprint triathlons - and this is my cut back week! And it felt great!

When I got home, I took a picture of my Team Tough Chik gear. It looks fantastic! 

Toughie Selfie! :)
What a glorious day to be outside working out! I am sure that we're not done with winter yet, but I am really ready for the warmer (and sunnier!) days ahead!

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