Friday, February 28, 2014

That's a pain in the....

Hi! Happy Friday!

Yes, I know, I vanished for over a week! I did post a few quick updates on my Facebook page, but I just didn't have time to sit down and actually blog. Between being sick one week and then having an ice storm the next week, everything got bumped around to last week and this week! It's been super crazy! But I hope we'll have a bit of a lull before the big ramping up that comes in the late spring.

Now, back to the "P" word -

P is for pain. Pain in the ankle to be precise! Last weekend, on Saturday evening, I felt a bit of a twinging in my right outer ankle. It hadn't happened during my long run that morning with my tri club, but rather in the evening. I got up and rode on the trainer on Sunday morning and it felt fine, and then I had a busy day out of the house for the rest of Sunday. I felt a twinge here and there but nothing alarming.

Monday was an absolutely gorgeous day around here so I decided to go out for a run. I had already decided to make this week another Cut Back Week due to the fatigue that was really giving me a run for my money. This was like a delayed fatigue from the race. All I can think of is that the adrenaline from the race kept me on a high for a few days and when I finally came down, I came down super hard! Not a big deal though. I can adjust! So I went out for a run on Monday and tested out the outfit I want to wear for my birthday half marathon in April.

I felt the twinging off and on and every now and then the ankle would tweak. So I decided to cut my run off and take my Penguin-recommended 4 days of rest from running. I googled my symptoms and came up with peroneal tendon issues. This is typically caused by running on slanted surfaces, and also because of tight calves.

::light bulb moment::

I remember during the half marathon several times trying to move over to the center of the road because the slanting was so bad. And this was a hilly course and I hadn't spent much time on hills during my training. And here is the kicker - I can remember telling my mom (and I may have even blogged about it) that the only thing I noticed after the race was that my calves were pretty tight! And with all of the busy-ness going on, I have been neglecting my stretching and rolling, probably during the worst time of all to be neglecting it!

So hopefully, I nipped it in the bud quickly. I have been swimming and cycling on the trainer and haven't noticed any problems. I took my 4 days off running, and have made sure to do some extra rolling and stretches for my ankle and calves. Today is Friday and I'm feeling pretty good! I'm planning to try out a run tomorrow and see how it goes.

The lesson I learned from all of this is RESPECT THE DISTANCE! I didn't do that. I felt so good and so strong after the race, and I had been running 12 miles in training that I didn't take into consideration that this was a hilly run and there was a wind advisory! While I was around 10 minute miles in training, it wasn't during such conditions and I had to work harder because of the wind and the hills. And then I didn't cut back and rest enough in the week after the race. I should have cut back to 50% of my regular mileage due to the fact that I raced this race, instead of making it a training run. And I didn't roll and stretch enough, either. These are all good lessons. :)

So hopefully my run tomorrow will go well and the ankle will be feeling much better. If not, then I'll take a few more days off and try again! If you're running this weekend, I hope you have a great time!

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