Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ack! Where do I start?!?

So many things to talk about!! As you can see, I did not figure out how to post to my blog from my phone! LOL

This has been Cut Back Week, so I am working at 75% of my workout volume. I have been much better about keeping up with my stretches and rolling. Often during Cut Back Week I end up neglecting my stretching and that's not a good thing.

Monday I had to run on the treadmill because of the cold rain. Tuesday I skipped the pool because I was really tired and it was cold and drizzling. But yesterday I braved the conditions and did a brick workout at the park. Today I made it to the pool, and then went to the park again to do a recovery ride in the beautiful weather! It was wonderful!

Ooh, upcoming race details -

My birthday half marathon is 2 weeks from Saturday! A friend is designing my top and it is SO adorable! It's a tank top, and since the weather has been so crazy here in GA this year so far, I bought some arm warmers to wear with it in case it's cool/cold. I am NOT putting a jacket over this top! :D

I just got confirmation that I am registered for an Olympic Distance Triathlon at the end of April.

This is a lot sooner than I planned, but I grew more and more concerned about doing an Olympic distance tri only 2 weeks before my half ironman. This was confirmed when an experienced Ironman friend commented that that course was very challenging and she was afraid I would still be trying to recover my legs 2 weeks later. So the company was very kind and allowed me to switch to their only other Olympic distance race. It's so soon, and it could be very cold, and I'm nervous about finding a time to practice an open water swim in my wetsuit before the race. But it will all work out. If nothing else, I will learn a lot. The previous years' results indicate the field for this race is very fast, and I am very not - but I'm good with that! It's my first race of this distance so it will be a PR no matter what. And I'm only racing against myself, and I'm not really even racing - this is just practice! :D

I also plan to register for a charity bike ride the week after the half marathon. I am honestly just chicken about signing up for it knowing how I felt after my last half. But I raced that one in difficult conditions, and I'm not racing my birthday half marathon, just having fun. So I should be fine. But still, I'm nervous about the idea.

Then I'm done signing up for anything until after the Half Ironman. I have a super sprint tri and a sprint tri in June, and then Augusta in September. I may be able to sign up for other things as they pop up if they work with my training schedule, but I'm not committing to anything after Augusta. I need to wait to see how I feel once the race is over.

What about May, you are thinking? Never fear...May is the recital!! I don't have any races planned for May so I can focus my attention on the recital. I'm learning the dance better than I expected, but I'm just having to work on my arms and facial expressions! And that whole "being on a stage in front of people" thing. ;)

So I guess that's everything!

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