Thursday, March 13, 2014

Anyone here?? ::tap tap::

Well, I pulled up my blog and was shocked to realize that I haven't posted since Saturday! Shame on me! As usual, I did post some things on the Facebook page for my blog, but you would only know that if you "Like" my FB page (and if Facebook decides to let you see what I posted LOL). I really need to see if there is a way to create blog posts from my phone, since I am away from my laptop so much these days. So crazy! But, I am getting my workouts in! And, I wouldn't have thought it on Saturday when I was complaining about how tired and wonky my legs were, I have actually felt pretty good this week. I have been spending a lot of time rolling and stretching, but that is just going to have to be my new normal while I'm ramping up the base miles.

So, let's get caught up, shall we?

Sunday was simply fantastic! I joined the Witness Through Fitness group for their ride, and we ended up doing 42 miles! I've never done that many miles on the road before and it was super! It was exhausting, but it was super! I ended up with a sunburn, if you can believe it! It was a little bit intimidating riding with these faster folks, but they regrouped frequently and I never felt alone.
Post 42 miler - notice the red face! ;)
So Monday rolls around. And the leg fatigue is screaming at me. I am faithfully stretching and rolling, but in the back of my head I'm thinking, "So I have to ride 14 more miles - and then run a half marathon?? Oh, first I have to swim 1.2 miles! I am in over my head!!" I was trying hard not to over-react, but thanks to Daylight Saving Time, I was even more tired than usual and that never bodes well for my outlook. I had a 7 mile recovery run planned, and it was still gorgeous weather out, so I decided to give it a shot. I figured if things hurt, I'd just stop. And I needed to try out my outfit again for the birthday Half Marathon (also known as the Chick Fil A Half Marathon in Athens). So I started out with a very slow and achy mile, and then everything loosened up and felt good. So I kept going! And I ended up with a sunburn on my chest from the tank top. @@

Could you skip running on a day like this? Even if your legs were completely dead?!

Tuesday morning the alarm goes off for my swim and I'm thinking there is simply no way I can go swim. I am way too tired. But it was still relatively warm - and I knew it was going to be cold Thursday morning and I told myself I would skip Thursday's swim if I was still exhausted. Yeah, I know that's wrong on many levels - but at 5:30 in the morning, I have to go with what works. I got to the pool and the water was pretty comfy so I set to doing my workout. While I was trying to keep track of the laps without going insane, I spent some time thinking about whether or not to transfer to the Olympic Distance race in April. (More on that in another post)

I wanted to go home and crawl back into bed, but unfortunately, the kids needed schoolin'! LOL And then I had tap class that night. We worked on a new part of our dance and it was hard for me. And I was tired. So I came home and decided that I really shouldn't have signed up for tap because I'm not any good at it. Ugh, fatigue makes me so depressed - though I have to say that my girls do not get their lovely dancing abilities from their mama! I feel like a dork when I'm trying to dance. Oh, well - "Do the thing that scares you", right??

Wednesday morning alarm goes off. Usually I sleep in on Wednesday and do my brick workout in the afternoon. But this day, the weather is supposed to go completely insane in the afternoon - wind gusts up to 40mph. So I decide to get on the bike trainer at 6:30 and then do my run in the neighborhood before the rains come. Note that last part. Uh huh. Anyway, dead legs on the trainer. Blah. 74 degrees in my garage. Blah. Way too tired Niffercoo thanks to workouts and homeschooling and DST. Blah. It was a sufferfest. I wore my Half Fanatics Diva shirt with my Happy Talk Sparkle Tech skirt so at least I would look good. I opened the garage door to go run and it was raining. Joy! However, I was so overheated and sweaty that it actually felt good to have the cool rain on me. That lasted a few miles and then I was just annoyed. My neighbors passed me and shook their heads!

[Is it boring to just read and read without pictures?? I need to figure out how to handle this. I think taking this many selfies would be ridiculous. And how many times can you look at the inside of my garage! Oh, wait! I took a picture of the park on Monday. Let me go back up and post it!]

So now this morning comes (Thursday), and it's cold, and I'm still tired. Stoopid Daylight Saving Time! But now I'm thinking that I need to go for my swim if I'm going to do this race in April. Because the water will be cold, and I'll be cold, and I'll just have to tough it out. So, I finally drag myself out of bed and go. And I leave my hair down on purpose so I'll have to get in the cold shower before I get in the water. As I'm doing that, I see my pool friends who are wondering why I'm running late - and they tell me the water feels great. They aren't kidding - and I go on to do my longest swim yet!

There was a lady in the lane next to me today that I'd never seen before and her swimming was so graceful and fast. It was like a dolphin or something! I was amazed and I kept getting distracted by her! No way to describe her swimming - except truly she'd come up next to me and it would look like a dolphin or something!

And finally, I did a short and easy trainer ride this afternoon in the much cooler garage. I didn't want to do that one, either, but I'm glad I did. Once it was over.

So now you're mostly caught up on this week's happenings! Tomorrow is Long Run With No Rest Day Before It Day again. Sunday my daughter and I are going to the ballet so no long bike ride on Sunday afternoon for me. I'll try to squeeze it in on Saturday (and hopefully not on the trainer! LOL).

And yes, I'm still tired. But Sunday will be a rest day. And next week is a Cut Back Week!! :D

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