Saturday, March 1, 2014

Lessons in fueling

So the lessons continue into the weekend! :)

On a good note, I didn't have any ankle issues while I ran today! And I ended up with 10 miles!

On a bad note, I learned the meaning of the word "Bonk"!

This morning during my group run, I was whining to one of my new friends about not being able to do the group ride again tomorrow because of my daughter's schedule. She invited me to ride with her and some of her friends, and it was actually very close to my house! I checked the family schedule, which was remarkably empty, and made my plans to go!

The ride was great, and I met an amazing 67 year old woman who competes in Ironman - as in the FULL Ironman! She was a fantastic source of information and encouragement! Everyone was very, very nice! There was one guy who would ride at the front, get to an intersection and wait to help all of us get through safely, and then he would ride past us back to the front. And this was not a young man by any stretch of the imagination! I felt very welcomed, and was even asked if I'd like to do open water swim practices with them (a couple of husbands come out on kayaks! WOOHOO!).

The only problem I encountered happened around mile 22 of the 25 mile route when my legs suddenly felt like blocks of stone. I was really confused for a few minutes before it dawned on me that it was approaching 3 PM and I had yet to have an actual meal. I ate a granola bar before the group run this morning (9 miles) and then I had a cup of chocolate milk and a banana after the run. Between the run and the ride, I had consumed a pack of Honey Stinger Chews (160 calories). BIG PROBLEM!

I had planned to run off the bike with my friend from tri club and thankfully we only did one mile. I don't think I could have moved any further. But I did make it through. I had to stop and get some (ok, a LOT of) fast food on the way home because I was feeling kind of dizzy. :(

So lesson learned today is to fuel properly. I should have packed a sandwich or two in my bike bag, but I was out of sandwich skinnies. So I should have packed something else. Anything else. Eaten something. I was so focused on getting my bike stuff pulled together in a hurry that I didn't think through my fueling plan well. I am very lucky that it all worked out OK and that I didn't have major problems.

Now I'm trying to fuel up on the back side which is harder and doesn't feel very good. My hubby just went out to get me a Gatorade to see if that helps.

Hard lessons learned usually stick better in our heads! :D

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