Saturday, March 15, 2014

Miles and miles to go...

I have had 2 of the best long workouts these last two days! The weather was gorgeous: sunny and pre-spring warm!

Can you believe how blue the sky was??

Yesterday my long run was a 12 miler. Last week, this didn't go so well. I hadn't had a rest day before the long run and my legs were so, so achy and tired. Well, it had to happen again that I didn't have a rest day before the long run, but this time it went better. It was actually warmer than I expected, so I took it off after the 2nd lap, and then tied my jacket around my waist in case I got too chilly, but that never happened! I did my 4/1 intervals, and focused as best I could on keeping the pace easy and relaxed. That has been such a struggle this winter. But I did much better, and I met my goal!

Post long run selfie! Rocking the TTC gear! And the pigtail braids!
Today's long bike ride found me at the Big Creek Greenway. I haven't been there since last summer, I believe! My goal for this ride was to do between 50-55 miles not on the trainer, and not broken up between the road and the trainer. Also, I needed to take my bike by the shop where I bought it so they could do a tune up service, and I would have to pass by the shop on the way to/from the Greenway!

I had to wait until mid-morning to ride because it was going to be pretty cold according to the forecast. However, by the time I left, it was already 60 degrees! I could have easily left an hour earlier and been quite comfortable on the ride. But that's OK! The family didn't have big plans today, so I didn't need to hurry back.

I knew I'd need to do about 4 laps to get all of the miles in, so I decided to break it up into a couple of segments. I wanted to practice eating my honey stinger chews while I am in motion. Since I am pretty sure I won't want to stop every 30 minutes during the HIM to eat! LOL I did decide to take 2 breaks - one after 1:30 and the other after 3 hours to check in with my hubby, and to check on my legs (since I ran long yesterday).

First break at 1:30 -

My view when I took my first break! Truly was a gorgeous day to ride!

Fueling with a peanut butter sandwich!
Overall the ride went really well. My legs felt fine the whole time! Since it was such a pretty day out, the Greenway was busy but not unmanageable. I saw lots of other cyclists over and over again, so I am guessing we were all getting our long rides in!

I stopped for the 2nd time around 3 hours into the ride, right around 42 miles. This was the distance I rode with the group last week, so I figured that would be a good place to evaluate how I was feeling. I ate the rest of my sandwich, and decided to go ahead and shoot for 55. But then, of course, 56 is the Half Ironman race distance, so I decided to go for that! LOL

Looking behind me on my break. Looks pretty much like the other picture, right?  This is what it looks like when you do 56 miles on a 7 mile long trail! LOL

Those last 14 miles were harder mentally than physically. Ok, they were hard enough physically! LOL But harder mentally. I kept thinking, "I have to run a half marathon after I do this??" And then I was also mentally calculating the time I would have at this pace to finish the run and the swim before the cut off time. The race is 6 months away...don't need to stress about any of that, yet! :D

I hit the 56 mile mark and wasn't actually at the car yet - but that was OK! Mentally knowing that I can get to 56 miles was huge! It also helps me decide which mileage to sign up for on the next charity ride I want to do in April. The choices are 37 miles and 62 miles (and 100 miles - um, no!). Now I think I can probably do the 62 miler, especially since this ride is known for its rest stops with yummy food! LOL

Tomorrow is a glorious rest day, and then next week is Cut Back Week! My goals for Cut Back Week is to not skip my stretching and rolling! :)

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