Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Wow, this has been a great week for my workouts so far! I hate that the early part of my week is so busy and I don't get to blog as much as I would like. It makes it hard to catch up and figure out what I wanted to say. Every day this week I've been thinking, "This was a great workout!" and I wanted to share about it and just didn't have the time to sit with the laptop and type out a post.

I am so glad that I took last week as an extra rest/recovery/Cut Back week after the half marathon when my body felt so tired and sort. And I am so glad that I took the time off running when the ankle started feeling funny. My patience was rewarded with a body that feels super strong this week and a ankle that isn't tweaking at all!

Monday the weather was icky, so I took my workout to the gym. I ran on the treadmill and then followed it up with strength training. I used 10 pound weights - instead of the 8 pounders I have at home - and it really wasn't too hard at all. And I have FELT the workout the last two days which is even better! I may have to figure out how to make it up to the gym for my strength training so I can go up with the weights! My monthly membership is cheaper than buying even one 10 pound weight to keep at home. The big problem is finding the time to get over there. Will work on that one!

Then yesterday it was a swim day. I bought new goggles and I tried for 500 meters to get them to work and they wouldn't. I threw them off in disgust and put on my old ones. I finished my long set and then decided to try the new ones again - and this time they were fine, and pretty amazing!

Don't my new goggles make me look so cool? Shhh, just lie to me and say yes!
So I will try the new goggles again tomorrow and see if I can make them work again. I really hope so because they are awesome, but only if I can put them on and immediately start to swim!

Last night was tap class - two weeks in a row for the first time in months! We learned more of our recital dance and I am feeling much better about the super fast moves. Are they perfect? Of course not! But do I look like I am completely lost? No way! I have time to get better at it, and I am really enjoying the song and the steps we have to go with it!

Today was my brick workout (well, this morning I did my strength work at home) - it was a sunny day but not quite warm enough for a bike ride at the park. And I really didn't have time today anyway because my son needed the car. Man, it feels so weird to type that! LOL So I set upon the trainer and went to work. Actually, first I adjusted the sensor so my workout would register (unlike Sunday's early morning Epic Trainer Fail). I don't know how it gets "off" so easily. So annoying!

After a lovely 21 miles, I hopped off the trainer and into my running shoes. It was sunny and beautiful outside - I didn't even mind running in the neighborhood! I did 3 miles and felt really nice.
It's such a blessing to feel so strong! Aside from not wanting to get up in the cold yesterday morning to go swim, I've been itching to do all of my workouts! That's such a fantastic feeling! I need to remind myself of this feeling - and what I did to ensure that it returned. I listened to my body and gave it the extra rest it needed! :) It's so hard to do that, but it is worth it in the long run!

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