Saturday, March 8, 2014

What a long run...

It took me awhile to come up with the title for this post. And I'm not totally thrilled with it, but that's OK. It's the content that matters, right? So here goes:




That's how I've been feeling since yesterday's long run. 12 miles for the first time since the half marathon. And only 2 miles longer than last week's long run. The difference? No rest day before the long run. For a lot of months, I've been taking a rest day of Friday - before I do the long run on Saturday and long ride on Sunday.

But this week? I had plans on Saturday morning. My baby girl - well, not the baby but my middle one - was taking the SAT early in the morning and I was going to spend the morning with a dear friend! So I had to run on Friday. No biggie, right?

Um, no. LOL

My legs were displeased, so say the least. The aches and pains started off right away. Well, not so much pains. More aches. They were going from one part of me to the next. Started off with the left shin, then the left calf, then the right shin, right calf, right IT band. I was considering cutting the run short when around mile 9 everything stopped making noise and just settled in.

But wowsers! My legs have been tired every since! I am doing well with my stretching and rolling, doing each faithfully - and it helps. But I'm just surprised at what a difference that day of rest before the long run made. Today was my rest day, but I'm still tired. I probably should have worn my compression socks. But I forgot. :(

Tomorrow I am going to do a long ride on the roads with the tri club! I was planning to skip it and go to my Zumba teacher's practice class tomorrow, but I won't be able to ride with the club next weekend and I really need to get out on the roads. Not to mention, I haven't ridden with them in many weeks and I miss it. I hope we can go a little longer since it will be daylight savings time. And I hope I'm not too tired after losing an hour of sleep! :)

OK, I'm off to roll and stretch... have a great weekend!

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