Wednesday, April 16, 2014

And now we shall taper!

My first Olympic distance triathlon is 11 days away! Today I did my last BIG brick workout - 25 mile bike followed by 5 mile run. The weather was a bit cool and windy but I took that as a challenge. This could be the exact weather I'm racing in! Also, I needed to test out what I'm planning to wear since my Witness Through Fitness kit won't be in until early May. (I'm going to wear my Team Tough Chik tri top from last year!)

Everything went really well on the workout. The park was pretty much empty so I was able to really keep my speed up on the bike. Then the run went surprisingly well. I was planning to run straight through like I have been trying to do on Brick days, but after a mile, I wasn't really feeling it. So I switched to my 4/1 intervals. Imagine my surprise when I finished and my overall pace was 9:59! There is something magical about those intervals, I tell you!

So now it's time to taper a little bit so I can have fresh legs and arms on race day. I still plan to do a fairly long swim tomorrow and a decently long run on Friday followed by a moderately long ride on Saturday, but definitely not my regular distances. I will build back up again after the race is over. While I'm not extremely concerned about my race time, I do want to set myself up to have a strong performance. So that means backing off the base-building a little bit! I don't suspect I will lose much if any of the endurance I have built up! :)

April sure has been a busy month for me! And I've only got 4.5 weeks until the dance recital! (And then it will be time to officially begin training for Augusta 70.3!! WOOHOO!)

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