Sunday, April 13, 2014

Strong Swimmer?? Me?!

Today after church, I met BJ at the lake so we could get in an open water swim practice. She and I are both doing an Olympic distance triathlon 2 weeks from today. We were meeting this amazing friend of BJ's who is an Ironman. Like the real deal, full Ironman. And did I mention she's 68 years old? Yesterday she did the full century ride. Today, she was paddling in a kayak while we swim. Just because she's so nice like that! And obviously very, very strong!

So we got to the lake and put on our wetsuits. BJ brought Trislide and it really helped a lot. I definitely need to get some of my own. I didn't use much of hers so as not to use it up, but I think I could have put it on a couple of other places and it would have helped with the mild chafing. Also, it went on and off easier in the places where I used it. Today it only took me about 5 minutes to get that thing on! Good progress! LOL

We get into the water and it's very, very cold. I thought I'd be better prepared for it this time, but it was still pretty cold! The plan was to swim out to a buoy (we were in a cove) then over to another buoy, and then back to shore. This route is 1/4 mile. I wore my new Garmin 310XT to keep track of the time. I had heard that the GPS is not very accurate even during OWS, but that didn't matter to me. I could keep track of "laps" like I do at the pool. I have heard that you can put the watch inside your swim cap and that helps the GPS, but there is too much hair in my swim cap to have room for anything else! :)

Garmin's map of my route! Don't you love it when I swam up on the shore? :D

You can sort of see how it was the basic route, though it added a lot - almost doubled our workout. It doesn't bother me, though. I'm still digging the watch!

I did really well with spotting on the way out to the buoys and around them, but coming back to shore was hysterical. I kept going way, way off to the right. I was trying to spot BJs pink bag on the shore and just couldn't see it. Thank goodness the buoys during a tri are nice and big! :)

The first lap felt like forEVER. Literally, I got back to the shore and thought I'd surely been swimming 30 minutes or more (I didn't yet know the distance LOL). But the second and third laps went much, much better!

And here is the best part... my new Ironman friend called me a "Strong Swimmer"! Me!! I was beyond excited and tried my best not to be giddy and look like a complete dork! It's quite an honor when an Ironman tells you you are a strong swimmer. Or at least it is to me! :D I mean, I felt strong (after that first lap) so for her to tell me that I'm strong just reinforced it!

My first Olympic distance tri is two weeks from today. I may have already mentioned that! I am really, really getting excited! I'm starting to think the hardest part is going to be getting up super early to make the long drive down there! LOL

One final picture from my Garmin's report of this swim - notice about halfway down, where it shows my "Max Speed"? Who knew I could swim 48 mph!!! LOL
Might be easier to SWIM down to the race at those speeds! :)
Hope all of your workouts this week leave you feeling strong, too!

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