Sunday, April 6, 2014

The day my husband called me stupid

3 weeks from today I have my first Olympic distance triathlon! It has not been a very warm early spring (except for a few days this past week) and the winter was super cold, so the water is really cold. And this is an early triathlon (at least it is in my opinion). It will likely be wetsuit legal, which is great because I can practice for the Half Ironman! :) But there is a problem.

I haven't worn my wetsuit in over a year. Not at all. I haven't even tried it on! And I certainly haven't tried it in the lake.

But that's not all.

The water is COLD. And I am not good in the cold at all. I remember reading on Swim Bike Mom's blog how she hyperventilated and freaked out when she put her face in the cold lake water for the first time. I can so see that happening to me! So I NEED to practice my open water swim, but it's hard to get it done. I can't go out alone because that's not safe, but my husband works early during the week!

So yesterday after the half marathon, when he asked me what else I wanted to do for my birthday, I broke the news to him: I want to try out my Wetsuit. At the lake. And I need him to come watch me for safety. (He was a lifeguard in high school. It doesn't matter how many years ago that was ----> 27). Because he loves me, and it was my birthday, he agreed!

We drove out to the park and I started the huge task of putting on the wetsuit. This, my friends, is a workout unto itself! Luckily, my husband took pictures!

This is going to be fun!! Right?!?!
Trying to get it up to my crotch! LOL 
10 minutes later and it's almost on. I'm glad this part doesn't count toward my total time!

Ta DAH!!!!

It was finally time to hit the water. Some folks were coming up to the parking lot as we were heading down.

"Is she going to get in the WATER???"
My husband took a picture of them and their expressions. This was the first time of many that he called me STUPID during this adventure! LOLOL

At this point, I'm realizing how cold the water truly is!

I'm in the water! The wetsuit truly helps!

Getting my arms wet - that was when I squealed because I was so cold! LOL
At this point my husband told me to stop wasting time and just get it over with! :) He was probably right, but I was picturing myself hyperventilating and freaking out. Luckily, that didn't happen.

I put my face in and while it was very cold, I adapted quickly. Really the only problem I had was that my goggles were leaking, probably due to my hair being up in a different way (2 braids instead of one). Once I got the goggle problem taken care of, I was swimming away!

The wetsuit was very buoyant, which was good and bad. Good that I didn't have to really focus on staying afloat, but bad because I felt weird and it was hard to get my stroke working the way it's supposed to. But I'm sure that will come with more practice. Hopefully I'll be able to get back out to the lake next weekend so get some real practice in. I hope that the buoyancy of the suit will make me faster - I felt really slow and awkward, and I don't have much of a speed cushion in the triathlon's cut off times.

Nice to know that he's watching over me while I swim! LOL

All done and heading back to the shore!

Not sure why, but I LOVE this picture!
Someone thinks I've lost my mind! :D
So I finished a few laps back and forth and then I had to take the wetsuit OFF (which was another workout LOL) and change into some dry clothes for the ride home. I was SO cold! Wow! But my leg muscles actually felt great - I guess it's an alternative to the ice bath!

So I'm feeling much, much, much more confident in my wetsuit and in the triathlon! Yes, it's going to be cold and it will feel awkward, but I can overcome it! That's a great feeling!

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