Friday, April 18, 2014

These feet

See these feet? I am so proud of them. They ran 13 miles this morning. Yes, they've done that before. But today, they had to overcome a lot to get to that point.

The rest of the body they are attached to had a rough night last night. Sleep was easy to come by, but restless. In fact, the husband woke us up saying we were having a nightmare. I remember there being a nightmare but don't remember what it was about. I had that "nightmare" feeling for most of the day.

It has been such a busy week. I have had practically zero down time, and for me, that is not a good thing. I wanted nothing more than to stay in bed on this cloudy with a chance of rain day and just do nothing. Alas, my daughter had her outside-of-the-home classes today. And they are right next to the park. So I had to get up, and I was going to be right there.

Still, motivation was lacking. This is an unusual problem for me. I don't typically have this problem. It was a strange feeling.

I got to the park and told myself that I would do at least 9 miles. That would be 150% of the distance of the run for the tri next weekend. My coach uses that rule. :) And I was determined to keep my pace at an EASY level. I have got to get my long run pace under control. I read on Strength last night about how the 'easy' level should feel almost too slow. So I was shooting for that - too slow. With the huge lack of motivation I was having, going slow was a piece of cake.

Somewhere around mile 4, as usual, the physical aspect of the run got better. Then I was doing a walk break and a lady that I had passed (twice - one of the bad things about intervals, sometimes I pass someone and then they pass me when I walk, and then I pass them again - makes me feel bad) caught up to me and started up a conversation. She is coming back from a knee injury, so I offered her some encouragement and suggestions to start implementing walk breaks. She asked if I am a Marathoner - she said she was watching me from behind and my stride is so beautiful and it looks effortless. I was very flattered! Sort of made it easier to run after that! LOL

So mile 9 came around and I was feeling good and full of motivation, so I kept going. And before long (well, actually it was long - very long - one of the downsides of the "easy" pacing thing LOL) I was at 13.

And that's why I'm proud of my feet. Because they didn't give up. :)

On a sad note, the feet will be requiring new shoes after the triathlon next weekend. I love the color of these shoes, and the fit, but they aren't made anymore. Serious sadness. So I get to make a visit to my local running store soon to try to find some new shoes that will carry me through the Half Ironman! (Well, they will carry me through August, at least - then I'll need another new pair for the 70.3, but you know what I mean!)

Hope everyone has a blessed Easter Weekend!

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